Ewww, Bugs


The world of bugs for the most part creeps me out, yet certain bugs have fascinated me. I can still remember at the age of five being memorized as I watched an ant tribe at work. Lightening bugs are what started me on crafting jewelry. I used to pull their lights off and make rings and bracelets out of them!
My Father almost had a heart attack when I let out a blood cudgeling scream. He ran into the bathroom. I pointed into the tub and said, “Spider.” I don’t remember the details of my dream when I was nine or ten, what I do remember is dreaming about bugs in a negative way. Imagine my relief when I woke up and remembered that it was wintertime. I never wanted summer to come.
In the mid to late 80’s, I had my own apartment in Parsippany, New Jersey that had an infestation of water ants. My place had an exterminator over a couple of times. It was wintertime, I had no control over the heat, and it was always very hot in my place. So hot that I always got dressed for work five to ten minutes before I left so I wouldn’t sweat in my work clothes. My clothes needed ironing and I turned on the iron about fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I got ready to iron my clothes and all these ants came pouring out of the iron. The water inside the iron was getting hot and they didn’t want to get boiled alive. Needless to say, I freaked, went to work in wrinkly clothes, and my former landlord got a phone call!
Four years ago this Jersey Girl moved to Morehead City, North Carolina. I was driving around wondering what all this stuff on my windshield was. It dawned on me that what was all over my windshield was bug’s guts, yuck! One summer the mosquitos were so bad that they were biting my ankles in the car when my foot was on the gas petal. And the cats need flea treatment all year round. Gotta love Eastern Carolina.
The other wonderful, gross bugs in Eastern Carolina are water bugs aka Cucarachas. It doesn’t matter how clean mine or anyone’s house is, we still got them. My kitty, Merlin, liked to flip them over, and spin them around. He, he, he, good kitty! They usually were downstairs but one night Merlin chased one upstairs. After a while Merlin got tired of playing with the bug and left it on the floor a few feet by my bed. I told Merlin to, “Get the buggie.” He gave me a kitty yawn, turned his head, and refused to save me from the bug.
I knew there was no way I could read, let alone sleep later, knowing this gross bug was in my room. It could crawl on me while I was asleep. So, I grabbed my Charka spray that has a bunch of different essential oils in it. I sprayed that sucker good. The Cucaracha was walking funny but not dead. So I grabbed a bottle of “Sweet Pea” spray and doused him good. He was very weak, I grabbed a half a roll of toilet paper, scooped him up, and flushed the disgusting bug down the toilet. OK, I felt guilty about torturing the poor thing afterwards. It would have been more humane to kill the water bug quickly. But I did suffer because my room stank from the Charka oil and “Sweet Pea,” gag!
Got any bug stories to share?

The Love Channel ~ August

Love channel Belle

Wanted: Spiritual Man for a Spiritual Woman

Dear Pamela:
I am a massage therapist and very spiritual. I would like to have a relationships with a spiritual man who has similar beliefs as me to make life easier. But, it seems like all the men interested in me are religious, business men, or geeks which is so frustrating! Will I ever find a spiritual man?
Spiritual Healer
Dear Spiritual Healer:
Thank you so much for asking that question! I have been talking about doing a blog on this topic for a long time. So, I will channel the information for you and the rest of the column will be dedicated to the blog I have been procrastinating on.
I see a tall man with no shirt on, he has a cross around his neck with a cigarette in his mouth, but his hands are up and I see different colors of healing energy coming out. He is a little bit of……..
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Rats in the Dreamtime!


July’s column has gone to the rats! Just kidding, it is all about symbolism and rats will be the example of how one symbol can mean so many things. I’m sure everyone gets tired of me saying, “You are the best interpreter of your dreams.” But it is the truth. The secret language of dreams is fascinating because it is so illogical and can never be fully understood. Which makes it so much fun to this dream interpreter! That is why I never give a client or reader one answer. For one thing, it could be more than one answer. And another reason is when I give several options of what it could mean, the person’s gut will trigger which is the right one. They usually will respond, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.” The following dream is a perfect example and I want to thank the dreamer for sending it in.

Dream – I dreamed rats were running thru my hair.  That can’t be a good thing. Yuck!!!!


It is obvious that you do not like rats and neither do I. The good thing was they were not biting you! I don’t have much to go on, but will give you a bunch of interpretations. Read more at Bellesprit Magazine

July’s The Love Channel Column

Love channel Belle


Do you have questions about your love life? Do you have issues with a family member, friend, or coworker? Well, you’ve come to the right place to receive insightful and inspired help from one of the best Relationship Experts around! If you have a relationship question, my Angels and guides have the answer. Please email pamelabellespirit@gmail.com and I will answer some of your questions right here each month in our magazine.



I have been divorced for many years. During that time, I have had a couple of short relationships. I am now semi-retired. Will I be meeting someone soon for a long lasting relationships?

Thank you,

Dear Sally:

“Oh yeah” is what I am hearing from an old commercial where it is said in a deep voice. I am feeling lots of happiness and play around this relationship. He has grey hair, wearing a polo shirt, khakis, and brown comfortable shoes. He is also swinging a golf club. He was married for many years, but it has been over for some time; it feels more like his wife passed. I get children and grandchildren around him.

This man feels retired, but I get that he stills works. The vision I am getting is … Read more at Bellesprit Magazine

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Life is Not a Microwave

We live in a world of instant. Everything is so fast and upgrading to be even faster: food, internet, cell phones, business, and the list goes on. Society loves things fast and can be very impatient when it is not. I agree modern conveniences are very nice.

The problem is when we expect everything to be done quickly. Many people see the results of a business or relationships and think it happened overnight. The truth is overnight successes took years of hard work, tiny steps, and persistence. You cannot take a relationship, stick in in the “Microwave Love Machine,” push a couple of buttons, wait five minutes, and there it is – a loving, committed relationship. If only it was that simple!

The four letter word I hear often while giving a psychic reading is….

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In the Dreamtime – June 2014


Welcome to June’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s column will be about when we dream about being in school.


I dreamed that I had trouble locating my classroom as I walked around the school. Finally, I found it. In the classroom (all the students were male like me) we were supposed to be quiet and study. I was reading my book when a strange woman came over and started kissing me, trying to make me make out with her. I became uncomfortable and was happy no one was looking. I pushed her away and told her I was engaged to my girlfriend. When I woke up I was surprised that I remembered my dream because I never do. Do you know what it means?

Interpretation  Read more at Bellesprit.com

The Love Channel June’s Column

Love channel Belle


Dear Pamela:

I read your article in Bellesprit magazine.  I have a situation and am hoping you can give me some insight.

I recently left the father of my child.  He behaves very immature and narcissistically. I do accept him and love him as he is, yet the relationship doesn’t feel safe for my son and me. Why do I still feel for him so much? I know I did the right thing, yet feels like there is still a real love there.  I’m not sure if he could ever be a co-parent with me due to his being so self-involved and our son has mild autism. The boy is just amazing, yet dad doesn’t try to understand him at all.  Will this situation improve? Is there hope?


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