Self-Employment Lessons

SE Lessons
I have been self-employed since 1993 as a healer, coach, teacher, author, and psychic. It has been an incredible journey that has taught me a ton of lessons. If you are thinking about becoming self-employed it is important for you to know that becoming rich overnight is very rare. My advice to you is pick a profession that makes your heart sing and get ready for a ride of a lifetime. The following are three important lessons I learned.

My Service is Valuable

It is amazing the amount of people who want my work for free. People have called and sent emails to my business, Facebook, and Twitter accounts asking me to give them a psychic answer to a question or questions. It got so bad on Facebook that I turned off my Instant Chat and made several posts not to ask me for free readings.
Here are my solutions:
  • Once a week I take one question from each caller on The Love Channel Show that is broadcasted on True Psychic Network.
  • I answer questions in The Love Channel and In the Dreamtime, my two monthly columns in Bellesprit Magazine. I also respond to the majority of questions sent to Bellesprit Diamonds. 
  • When people give me the line that it is a gift from God and should be freely given, I respond with humor, “When the grocery stores, gas stations, and utility companies say it’s free, it will be free for you.”

Be Kind in Social Media

Social Media is a must for any business. The majority of the times I love it and have met wonderful people from all over the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There was a time in Facebook when people could post right on your timeline business page; thankfully that has changed. One woman liked my page and posted her business on my timeline. I took her post off and privately messaged her to please ask for permission to post her business ads to my page. She was furious and messaged me a couple of nasty messages! I liked her page by accident when I viewed it (God at work) and all was forgiven.
Here are my solutions:
  • When someone responds in a negative way to my post I do not immediately respond to it and take a time out. If I choose to respond, it will only be done in a kind and loving manner.
  • I have learned to ignore all negative tweets in Twitter.
  • I can block or de-friend people, delete rude and/or negative comments, and choose who I want to associate with.


I may be self-employed but that doesn’t mean I just work with my clients. My blog, Minimum Wage for Psychics,  describes some of my experiences subcontracting. I have also collaborated with others for radio shows, magazines, book launches, fairs, projects, and events. The majority of these have been positive experiences.
There are times when working with others are necessary lessons. One company that I subcontracted for wanted me to figure out the amount they paid me for the year so they could send it to their accountant. Here was my response, “I am backed up with my own bookkeeping and work to do take the time to do your bookkeeping. Everyone else I subcontracted for last year did their own 1099 calculations.” They let me go because of my bad attitude!
Here is the good part. Yes, out of horror can come beauty. I made boundaries on what was not only ethical to me but legally right. My human side was feeling stunned, angry, and hurt. But at the same time I also felt grateful and relieved that this blessing had occurred. Obviously, God had something better in store for me.
Here are my solutions:
  • I strive to be diplomatic, compassionate, and have good communication when working with others.
  • It is important for me to be appropriate, have social graces, and not badmouth others. I go to my support system to vent.
  • I do my best not to burn any bridges with people I work with and maintain good relationships afterwards. But there are times when those bridges need to be exploded and not repaired because some people are toxic for my health! Bless their hearts.
I hope these three lesson help you in your own business or life. The above is not to scare you, in fact there are many benefits to being self-employed. Hey, now that would make a good blog!

April’s The Love Channel Column

Love channel Belle






Do you have questions about your love life? Do you have issues with a family member, friend, or coworker? Well, you’ve come to the right place to receive insightful and inspired help from one of the best Relationship Experts around! If you have a relationship question, my Angels and guides have the answer. Please email and I will answer some of your questions right here each month in our magazine. Question:

Dear Pamela:

I’m struggling to understand why my fiancée left. His name is Jack and I want him back. Please help me understand.  Jill

Dear Jill:

The first image I get is a vision of a past life where Jack was a pregnant woman in a long green and red dress. The woman is living alone in a cabin and has been abandoned to raise the child on her own. You were the man who got her pregnant in this lifetime. The last glimpse of that life I see is her (Jack) in labor all alone.

My guides are saying karma. Now I am hearing the song lyric, “Standing on shaky ground.” I feel this is meant for both of you. Obviously, this has torn up the foundation you have laid (my guides words) and you are feeling off balanced. For Jack, it means that he not in touch with who he is.

With Jack, I am seeing him as a shaker filled with much more pepper than salt. What I get intuitively is that Jack has a lot to clean up and the pepper stands for dirty unresolved issues. Again, I heard the song lyric, “Standing on shaky ground.”

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It’s Doggie Time on The Love Channel Show

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Join my guest, Karen Palmer,  this Tuesday 8pm ET on “Doggie Relationships”

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The following is a blog from Karen Palmer:

Lessons on Unconditional Love from a beautiful puppy named Annie

Life Lessons Learned from a pup named Annie

One day I was out walking one of the dogs I care for and met an older man named Gene with a beautiful 6 month old Yorkshire terrier named Annie. Annie had not been trained on a leash and she was tangling her lead around her owner.

He was such a nice man I really enjoyed talking with him. I gave him my card and told him I could help with training his puppy if he would like. He said he would talk to his wife about it and get back to me. His wife Diane called me back that afternoon and we met so I could assess how much training Annie would require.

When I arrived at the house, Annie was jumping, barking, and nipping. I explained that I train with the dog one on one first for the week to establish a loving leadership role. In the next week I begin to share my techniques with the owners. I brought Kaylee in to help Annie with her over excitement. I explained to Gene and Diane that Kaylee is my partner and she shows the puppies how to behave.

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Karen Palmer




When Will He ……

Love channel Belle







The following question is one that I get all the time from callers and readers. I felt that it would be a good question to highlight in this column.

Dear Pamela:

When is he going to call?

The Number One Question

Dear Ladies:

The actual answer varies with every woman. There are times when I am fortunate that my guides actually give me a time – today, tomorrow, in a week, or never. Time does not always come through clearly because our Angels and guides are not caught in time and space like we humans are. A person’s free will also affects the outcome. So, I am always pleased when I do get a response, like the time I told a caller at the beginning of the week that her love interest would call on the weekend. She then proceeded to ask me what day and time on the weekend. I got the same answer – he will call on the weekend. Even after I explained about time, she continued to ask me the same question two times, and I responded politely the same answer. Please note that psychic readings are not to be used for planning your social calendar! The Angels and guides have more vital information to relay to you.

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May you always take care of yourself!