The Love Channel: Trust the Process of Your Love Relationship

Love channel BelleDear Pamela,

Fred and I have known each other in a roundabout way for years. We are supposed to finally get together for coffee soon. I know he is trying to get out of a “sticky” relationship that he has been in since 2012. He owns a business and has another part time job as well. I feel we are meant to be together finally this year. I am 55 years old and am a widow since 2002.

Thank you,

Dear Doris:

I immediately heard the Beatles sing, “We can work it out,” upon reading your question. I am now hearing the song lyrics, “It appears to be a long time,” and “Long and winding road.” My guides are adding, “The journey is long and hard, with boulders and rocks along the way.”

What all the above means is this relationship is not an overnight success. It took a long time just to meet for coffee and for some reason I feel lots of delays with that. I’m not sure if the delays are in the past or present. I just heard two Jim Morrison songs, “Take it easy baby, take it as it comes,” and “Let it roll, baby, roll.” When there are delays in… Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Pros and Cons of Immediate Psychic Readings


I am celebrating my first anniversary of leaving psychic lines. Now, psychic readings in my private practice are by appointment only because I learned it benefits my clients. The following pros and cons are my observations and experiences as an adviser of immediate psychic readings.

Pro – You don’t have to wait for an appointment.

Con – It is expensive because you are paying much more per minute for the convenience of getting it immediately than you would pay for an appointment.

Pro – The majority of the lines makes their advisers go through testing before hiring them.

Con – Some lines have a lame testing process or none at all. One line tested me for two minutes before hiring me.

Pro – When you are going through a crisis you get immediate help.

Con – Your emotional energy is so overwhelming that it can get in the way of an accurate reading. Even when the psychic is accurate, you may disregard or hear the information incorrectly because you want what you want. You could spend time and money arguing with the psychic that the message they’re channeling is incorrect. Or do reading hopping with different readers to hear what you want to hear.

Pro – You can get psychic readings every day.

Con – You could become addicted to readings instead of taking responsibility for your life or dealing with your feelings. Instead of using food or a substance, you are using readings to make your life better. This keeps you stuck instead of growing. An ethical psychic wouldn’t accept calls from a client every day; however, an adviser would be fired from the psychic line for telling that to a client.

Pro – You could get your favorite psychic adviser right away.

Con – The adviser could be exhausted from caller after caller when the lines are busy. On the other hand, if the lines are slow, you may have interrupted the reader when she was on Facebook, reading a book, or watching TV and isn’t that focused to give you a reading.

These cons are some of the reasons I left the lines. Here are other personal reasons why I think appointments are better than instant readings.

  • Clients in crisis have had a little time to process their emotions; therefore the messages are usually clearer and they can hear it better.
  • The majority of my clients want to make changes and grow.
  • I can stop clients from becoming addicted to me so they have to make their own choices.
  • I am a better reader because I’m not overwhelmed from caller after caller or bored waiting for a call.
  • I get awesome messages before the session for my clients before they ask a single question.
  • I like knowing in advance what my schedule is for clients, which allows more time for projects like my upcoming eBook The Secret Language of Dreams.

If you ever do need an immediate psychic reading, I highly recommend Best Psychic Directory where I personally know some of the readers. I am available by appointments for psychic readings, coaching, and dream interpretation on my website.

In the Dreamtime: Romance, Time Travel Escape from Aliens, and Deceased Daughters Flowers


This month’ s column we take a journey into a romantic interlude, using time travel to escape aliens, and flowers from a deceased daughter.


I had a very romantic dream about a man I really like. We walked in a park hand in hand and then were transported into his bedroom. Along the length of one wall was a lot coal fire, flames were flickering. The opposite wall contained a window and outside it was a dark, stormy night with the sea waves crashing against the rocks outside. His bed was soft and warm like a marshmallow where we kissed. The dream was vivid and highly romantic emotionally.


Read the interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine


Love and Relationships during the Holidays

Dear Pamela: Will I meeThe Love Channel t someone by Christmas? What is my boyfriend getting me for the holidays? Is he going to propose to me on Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years? Will he ask me out for New Year’s Eve?

Clients of Holidays Past

Dear Readers:

These are the types of questions I used to get during the holidays when I worked for the psychic lines, especially the popular lines that psychics called “The minimum wage for psychic lines.” I did my best to be compassionate, however, by the twelfth call in a row about the same subjects it started to become monotonous.  I do understand how holidays can bring up emotions, fears, and desires for my former clients. These questions ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


How Dreams Guide Us along the Path of Life


This month the dreams have a spiritual theme to help the dreamers get in touch with what they truly desire, encourages them to pursue it, and to know they are never alone.


Here’s a dream interpretation for you. I opened the door to my apartment. On the ground are three things. One, I thought was a newspaper, but it’s a manual. White with a big orange/yellow box. No writing. On top of that is a black square, could be a box but I couldn’t tell. On top of the box is a key. The base of the key is round with a silver medallion in the center. Ornate. The key part was long and straight with three 3 ridges on it. I know it’s a symbol, but of what?


Thank you for this dream, I will give you a basic interpretation of this dream. You know… Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

An Attitude of Gratitude


The month of November always makes me think of gratitude because of the US Thanksgiving holiday. Many, many moons ago, I was estranged from my family on Thanksgiving. I was invited to share a meal at a women’s halfway house where I had volunteered at. I had a lovely time with these warm ladies and the food was wonderful. What has always stood out for me about that Thanksgiving is the end of the meal. You see, we went around the table, and each of us had to say what we were grateful for. I can’t remember what anyone or myself was grateful for, what I do remember is the magical feeling that occurred.

An attitude of gratitude can change your life around. So funny, as I typed that my guides played a song lyric from one of the Jesus Christ Superstar songs, “Look at the good things you got.” When you look at the good things you have it forces the mind and emotions to go into the positive. Positive thoughts create positive action and positive actions help to create a more positive life.

A friend of mine (who I lost touch with) was going through a very bad time and he would call me every day for support. He would often groan when I asked, “What three things are you grateful for today?” He might have complained, however he always answered, even if the answer was – I am breathing. Gratitude helped him get out of his depression.

One holiday season, someone gave me “The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude” by Sarah Ban Breathnach, one of the best gifts I ever got. A former roommate of mine saw my gift and she said, “You’ll start that, but you won’t finish out the year.” How wrong she was because I rarely missed a day! That journal helped me be grateful for the little things and to incorporate it into my daily living. There are some days I am grateful for the big things – moving into a bigger home, lots of clients, and going on vacation. On other days it is the smaller things – my kitties snuggling with me, someone retweet a tweet, and a good night kiss from my man. The bad times are always the hardest to find gratitude, although it is possible – pain medication that allows me to sleep in the hospital, I am able to cry during emotional pain, and I am breathing.

My question to you is, “What three things are you grateful for today?”

The Love List


People spend years in school to help create their careers in life. We search the internet for the perfect car, latest mobile phone, or the right doctor. What humans neglect and get very little knowledge on is personal relationships, especially love relationships. We believe a love relationship will come magically come into our lives and make everything better. The society helps to that belief through movies and romance novels. If relationship and parenting skills were required educations, what a better world this would be.

The example I like to use is, “Would you go into an auto dealership and ask for a vehicle?” The salesperson would give you a strange look and ask for more details – make, model, two door, four door, new, used, and color. You might be thinking I would never do that and know what kind of vehicle you want. My question to you is,…. Read the rest at SW Experts

Courage to Change

hearts-Some of my clients want to know when he or she is going to change. Will they invest more in the relationship? When are they going to open up and share their feelings? Will they stop working so hard, drinking, or cheating? The questions about when are they going to change are endless. There is a saying “When you are pointing the finger at someone, you have three pointing back at yourself.” Instead of wondering when they are going to change, put the focus back on yourself, and make the changes yourself.
Decades ago, a former boyfriend said to me, “You is all you ever have.” That was so powerful for me because it is true, in human form I only have myself. People will move away, leave, and die. I am totally powerless over other people’s behavior, as are you. However, you have power over your words, thoughts, and actions. My life began to change when I accepted that I was responsible for me and how I reacted to other people’s behaviors and actions was up to me. You can have that freedom too. At the same time, it is a good idea to bring in a partnership with God, Goddess, Angels, or whatever you choose to call it. This partnership is a safe place to go when you feel sad, lonely, scared, happy, or grateful.

Let’s get back to some of the questions that I am often asked. Will they invest more in the relationship? That depends on the person. Instead of wondering if they are going to change and make an investment in the relationship, ask yourself am I ready to spend time with somehow who doesn’t know how or is afraid to be in a committed relationship? If the answer is no, then it is time to move on. Perhaps, your love for this person is so strong, you are willing to stay. This is the time to start accepting them for where they are at, enjoy the time you are together, and enjoy your time apart. When you give someone acceptance, space and put your energy into your own life – it makes you more attractive and easy to be around.

When are they going to open up and share their feelings? Everyone was brought up differently, some had families that spoke about everything and hugged all the time. Yet another’s family never hugged nor aired their dirty laundry. Women find easier to express their feelings for the most part, and many men are not comfortable with their feelings. Nobody’s way is wrong, they are just a product of their environment. The way to encourage them to open up is to accept them where they are at and create an atmosphere of safety. When they do open up, do not criticize them for stating their opinion or feelings. It is important to allow them to proceed at their own pace.

The final question is will they stop working so hard, drinking, or cheating? It depends on the individual circumstances. You are powerless over changing them, they need to have the willingness to make changes, and take the action steps. You cannot do that for them. The only thing you can change is your reaction and attitude towards their behavior. Each case is different, some people need to leave, and others stay. The one thing I can promise is when you make changes it does ripple out, help others see the light, and perhaps encourage them to change. If not, it is time for you to be around more positive, healthy, and loving people who support your changes to grow to your ultimate potential.