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Dear Pamela,

I am travelling to Altea in Spain at Easter and, for some time, I have felt that my daughter and I will be meeting a significant love interest each. Do you see this too? Also, I feel a relocation to that area may happen.  I would value your insight on this please.

Mom and Daughter

Dear Mom and Daughter:

I’m hearing the song by 10CC, “The things we do for love.”  And I hear Steve Miller sing, “Look through the window, tell me what do you see?” and getting a vision of a big glass window that has a road with houses. What that means is make sure you want to really move because there is love in your own back yard. I see lots of men lined up at your door with tickets in their hand. I hear an announcer say, “We have a winner!” I see a man holding up a golden ticket, jumping up in down with excitement. He is now at your door on one knee while the other leg is bent, you are standing, and he grabs your hand and kisses it. With that, I am hearing Mr. Rogers sing, “Who are the people in your neighborhood.”

Your daughter is another story! Read more in Bellesprit Magazine

In the Dream Time


It is interesting that in this month’s column at the beginning of spring, a dreamer sent in a dream about giving birth to a baby. Could she really be giving birth? Or is a symbolism like spring of new beginnings? Perhaps it is both? Read on to find out.


I dreamed I had a baby boy with lots of beautiful black hair, he was smiling at me and very happy. I was overjoyed with happiness. I was talking about how long and beautiful his hair was and how I was going to style it.

There were other girls in the same room that had given birth.  We were told to go to this other room to pick a husband. In the dream that didn’t seem odd, but when I woke up and I had given it some thought, it was very peculiar. I studied all the males and determined I didn’t need a husband or a male figure to help me care for my baby, we were fine on our own.

After thinking about this dream, I was wondering how I had this baby without a man. I also think this has something to do with my independence and not having a man in life for a long duration.  What is your interpretation?

Read the interpretation in Bellesprit Magazine


Self-Growth Measured By Magnets

IMG_0735I bet you are thinking to yourself, “What is this woman talking about? How in the world can you gauge your self-growth by magnets?” Let me explain, I love magnets the way most women love shoes. I started to collect magnets in my thirties and boy have they expanded beyond what you see in the picture.

In the nineties, I was dating a man who took me on his business trip to Atlantic, Georgia. On one of his days off, I wanted to either go to the Coca-Cola factory or the zoo. He chose the latter. At the gift store I bought a lion magnet and stuffed tiger. He thought those were the strangest things to buy and made remarks about it. It became very apparent during and after this trip that we were not right for each other. What was this crazy cat lady thinking of dating a man who was allergic to cats!

One of the biggest accelerator in self-growth is for people who are self-employed as healers, psychics, authors, coaches, etc. Sure, we need to learn what we specialize in, business skills, marketing, and paperwork. Those lessons seem simple compared to the lesson of self-confidence to charge what you are worth, when people want either freebies or lower prices. The self-employed also need to make boundaries with their time, what they are willing to do for their clients, subcontractors, and/or colleagues, and not to put up with unacceptable behavior.

The most important lesson for those in business for themselves is TRUST! Trust that the clients will come. Trust this is the right business to be in. Trust that the business will grow. And the scariest is trust that the bills will be met. This was a huge lesson for me. So what does that have to do with magnets? When I lived in New Jersey (in a very expensive county) the majority of my homes were with roommates. One of the things I would have to share besides the inside of the refrigerator was the outside. That’s right, often my roommates had their own magnets they wanted to put on the outside. How I disliked that, especially if they had magnets that I thought were ugly! I also couldn’t place them the way I wanted with my limited space. One man, who I went out on a couple of dates with, thought I was being ridiculous. That was the first red flag.

My last place in New Jersey had a very tiny fridge. I was able to put some of my magnets on the fridge, but not all of them because it was so small. In fact, the whole place was tiny. One man (who we kind of dated, but nothing ever amounted of it) asked, “Do you really need all those magnets?” I went through a lot of challenges during that time and he wasn’t very supportive. I ended up moving South to my sister’s home in North Carolina.

At the same time I was working with clients and as a subcontractor for psychic lines. The majority of the clients weren’t ready to make the changes for themselves, which would ripple more positive changes in their lives and all their relationships. It occurred to me that I was attracting these clients and I needed to do the work to make the changes I wanted in my life. Because I wasn’t happy with the way my business was going.

I moved into my own place. The majority of my refrigerator was covered in magnets! I continued to work on my first book and my business. I met a very nice man that understood how magnets symbolized my freedom from roommates and my personal growth. When we walk into a store that sells magnets, he will tease me by saying, “No.” But either stays or goes to another part of the store as I make my magnet choices.

Fast forward to today. I have more magnets, some I bought. Other magnets were given to me by family and friends. They are now on the top part of my fridge, the side of the refrigerator, and the beginning of a collection of “Cat Only” magnets on my file cabinet.

My magnet collection represents my life today. I have created (with the help of God, my Angels, and Guides) an awesome life! I live with my life mate in a comfortable house. I have written three books and am starting another one. The majority of my clients are willing to work on themselves to make the positive changes in their lives. Even the ones who weren’t before, are now taking baby steps. Today, I am a better businesswoman. Most important of all – I am happy with my business, life, and the direction it is going.

Is there room for growth in my business and personal life – absolutely! Or I wouldn’t be on the planet Earth. Instead, I would be eating Bon-Bon’s with my higher power in Heaven.

What about you? What is your personal symbol that measures your personal growth? Are you happy with your life? Are you willing to do the work and make the changes to make your life even more awesome?

I hope by sharing my personal story, it will inspire you to manifest your dream life! It all begins by taking the first step……

cuffThis article was published in the April 2014 Off The Cuff

Now FREE on Amazon

Smashwords CoverSeflPubShowFinally, Pamela’s Love Collection is Free on Amazon! This author is not in the select program on Kindle because the Libra in me is a diplomat and believes in catering to readers at all major eBook stores.

I was informed by other authors that I needed to get my readers to tell Amazon about a lower price in order to price match a free eBook. That didn’t work. Last Friday, I was reading Reader Magnets: Get Readers to Come to You by Nick Stephenson. He said to email Amazon support with the other eBooks link and they will price match it in three days. And it worked!

So for all readers who love their kindle you can now get a free download of  Pamela’s Love Collection at AmazonHappy Reading!


Red Flags vs Intuition in Dating


Red Flags vs Intuition in Dating

Do you pay attention to the red flags on a first date? How about the red flags when you are dating someone? Red flags are warnings that this person is not right for you! If you choose to ignore them and proceed with the relationship, you are accepting more heartache into your life. For a happier life – pay attention to the red flags.

Are you still confused by what I mean by red flags? Here are examples of obvious red flags:

  • They get totally wasted on the first date and almost every time you go out with them. A potential mate, who doesn’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol, will be able to spend time with you sober. However, if you are constantly drunk and/or high – they are perfect for you.
  • If your date talks about their ex for the majority of the conversations, they are not over their last relationship. You would be their rebound and a rebound relationship rarely last.

Your potential partner wants to know – Read the rest at SW Experts

Your Horoscopes Are Ready!



Week of 3/23/15 Horoscopes
By Pamela Cummins
Method – Musical Messages & Tarot of the Moon Goddess
Visit my True Psychic Network family for future weekly horoscopes!


Capricorn ~ December 22 – January 20
We are the champions ~ Queen
 It is important to know that you are a winner! Have an attitude of I can do it and it will happen. Exciting things are coming to you!
 Aquarius ~ January 21 – February 19
 Rock me gently, rock me slow, I have never been loved like this before ~ Andy Kim
If you tendency is go thru life quickly, aggressively, and/or total goal focus – it is time to slow down. I get a vision of a person walking thru a field and smelling flowers. Slow down and savor the moment.
 Pisces ~ February 20 – March 20
 Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow ~ Baretta’s theme song
This week keep focused on what you are doing. Pay attentions to the signs and messages that yours Angels and Guides are giving you. You can schedule your day dreams and meditation at the end of the day.
 Aries ~ March 21 – April 20
 Keep on trucking, got to keep on trucking ~ Eddie Kendricks
Look at your close relationships to see which ones you need to moved forward in. and which relatioships you need to keep on trucking by. Please use compassionate actions in all your relationships.
 Taurus ~ April 21 – May 21
Hallelujah, Hallelujah ~ Leonard Cohen
Keep the Divine close in your heart! Trust that you are being taking care of and are loved by God, Goddess, and the Angels. Say Hallelujah to all the blessing in your life!
 Gemini ~ May 22 – June 21
 I’ll spread my wings ~ Kelly Clarkson
The time has come to clear away your fear and negativity. Ask your Divine Spiritual Tribe to help with this because it is time for you to take off!
 Cancer ~ June 22 – July 22
 Say what you mean to say ~ John Mayer
It is time to speak up and/or make the boundary with a certain person. Don’t blurt it out. Take the time and write (type) it out and practice saying it out loud. Think before you speak!
 Leo ~ July 23 – August 22
 What’s going on? ~ Marvin Gaye & There is a season turn, turn… ~ The Bryds
Patience and hard work is worth the effort to manifest your dreams and goals. If you are wondering why it isn’t happening NOW, the reason is it is not time yet. Good things come to those who wait!
Virgo ~ August 23 – September 22
 You got a friend ~ Carole King & You got to have friends ~ Bette Midler
This week spends some time with friends. Take a time out during the day and call a friend. Go out and make a new friend. Allow yourself to have fun!
Libra ~ September 24 – October 24
 Celebrate good times, come on ~ Kool and the Gang & Feelings, whoa, whoa, whoa, Feelings ~ Morris Albert
 Process and let go of negative feelings. Enjoy life! Know that you are secure. Trust God to take care of you and enjoy today!
 Scorpio ~ October 24 – November 22
 Shake it up baby, twist and shout ~ The Beatles & Time for a cool change ~ Little River Band
 Have you been thinking of making some changes? It is time to take action! If you wait too long the Universe will shake up your foundation and force change upon you.
 Sagittarius ~ November 23 – December 21
 Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga, I can’t stop this feeling ~ Blue Swede
 Are you confused about love? Is there someone who is causing you confusion? Stay in the moment, prayer, meditate, and let it go. Your answers will come to you within a couple of days or weeks!

Relationships and Intuition

What a fabulous show it was with my special guest, Bruce Starr!
Here are some highlights of the show:
  • A man’s definition of intuition.
  • How to use intuition as a single in the dating world.
  • When to listen to our intuition to take a time out from dating.
  • The importance of working on your self-growth and self-love.
  • How to identify a player.
  • Make a relationship closer by using intuition.
  • A caller wanted to know how to get her ex-con husband to move back in with her.
  • And more……
Listen to the show at The Love Channel Show in the archives.


Interview on Marcia’s Book Talk

Interview w Marcia

I had a blast being interviewed by Marcia Carrington! She asked interesting questions as you will see from the following:
Welcome Pamela!
 Q: For how long have you been writing?
A:  I have been writing since I was a child. I got the writer’s gene from my Father, Walter Cummins, who is an author, editor, publisher, and a semi-retired English literature college professor. I even had a poem published in a small magazine when I was eight years old.
Q: Have any life experiences inspired you to write your books?
A: My experiences with life is what inspires me to write as a non-fiction author. I began my path of healing, spirituality, and self-growth in 1989. One of my biggest challenges was my love relationships with men. I made a ton of mistakes which helped me become an expert of what not to do, but also what works in relationships. My journey along the path of growth and spirituality has made my life a million times better. My goal is sharing my knowledge so my readers have a better love life. But most importantly, empowerment and self-love for themselves.
Q: Each writer works in different ways with reference to writing. Do you have a writing program/schedule that works for you?
A: Giggle, most writers would scoff at my technique! Read the rest at Marcia’s Book Talk

Body Messages in Your Dreams



This month’s column is dedicated to dream’s meanings in regards to our bodies. Does it really mean we are having health issues? Or do these dreams mean something else?


All I remember about the dream is I was at a Doctor’s office who was looking at my foot and said, “You only have 10 months.” Then I woke up.


This dream doesn’t give me much to go on because it is so short. I also don’t know what is going on in your life. However, it is an interesting dream and will give it my best shot.

Feet represent being grounded and that means being present in the moment on the planet Earth. We need our feet to be able to move our body. And our feet also are able to withstand a lot; think about how much weight is on them when we walk. Read more at BELLESPRIT MAGAZINE

20,000 Men Interviewed on Relationships & More

Pamela-Cummins-TPN-Radio-300x232What a blast Linda Gross and I had as we discussed relationships! Ms. Gross revealed much wisdom on relationships. And even taught this relationship expert a thing or two.

Here are some of the relationship topics we talked about:

  • What it was like interviewing 20,000 men and what they said about relationships.
  • How to correct women’s mistakes in dating and relationships.
  • Why he won’t ask you out.
  • When does a man open up and talk to his lady.
  • And much more…….

You can listen to the show at The Love Channel Show

Linda Gross 288 Full Sized LTRHere is information on my guest – LINDA GROSS is a Gender Differences expert. She interviewed over 20,000 men for her men’s book and gives both sexes tips that actually work. She has a degree in Psychology from UCLA. Ms. Gross has hosted a weekly cable TV show, has been a co-host and guest on dozens of radio shows, was a top ten blogger for several years, and has been a keynote speaker.

In addition to being a published author, Ms. Gross is an experienced life coach. She offers targeted one-on-one coaching on conflict resolution, removing long-standing sabotaging behavior, or actualizing career or personal dreams.

Contact Info: