To Free or Not To Free?

Books and Readings

That is the question an author was asking in a book marketing group on LinkedIn. There were many opinions as is often the case with any group. The author was concerned about giving away his book because of all the hard work he put into it. I could hardly blame him because I understand the process.

In case, you don’t understand what goes into creating a book, let me explain it to you. There is research whether it is fiction or nonfiction, in nonfiction the author usually has many years of education and experience behind them. A fiction writer could spend a fortune learning about various writing techniques. A book requires many, many, many hours to write, rewrite, and rewrite. It takes time to find and craft the perfect words into a sentence.

A few authors find publishers, who will foot the bill, unfortunately, they also have control over the content, cover, and the title – even if the author does not like it. Many authors are choosing the self-publishing route to become Indie authors and the cost comes out of their pocket. What are the costs? Editing is a must for a good book and it is hard to edit your own work. I am fortunate that my Father, who is a retired English professor and editor, will edit my first draft. I have another editor and she does my final draft. Some authors will pay out hundreds to thousands of dollars to get the editing done.

Covers sells the books, but a homemade cover rarely does. Book covers can cost from $35.00 to $500.00 depending on the cover designer. Technical savoy authors will format their own eBooks and paperbacks. I have done my paperbacks, but the eBooks formatting looks too difficult for me. I rather pay someone than spend days trying to figure it out. The cost can be anywhere from $35.00 to $125.00.

Book covers, editing, and formatting are the must do’s for a book, but there can be other costs. Some authors will pay a company to do the three basics or more and that can run into a lot of money. Do you understand now why the author was having difficulties deciding whether or not to give his book free, even if it was just a couple of days?

People who read books do not understand this process and want free. I understand why readers do not want to spend a lot of money for books because there is nothing worse than spending your hard earn money on a book that you feel is awful. That is why I feel the middle ground for an author should be to give a short story, novella, or short eBook for free. This way the reader gets a feel for your writing style. Or have an occasional special on the book. If an author is really good most people will gobble up all their books, while waiting impatiently for their next one to come out.

The next area that comes up to free or not to free is psychic readings. People have said that it is a gift from God and you should not charge for it. However, having a voice like an angel and tremendous athletic abilities is also a gift from God; and look at what singers and football players get paid! I can understand not wanting to spend your hard earned money on a possible bad psychic, which is why you need to shop around, and/or get a referral.

Just like authors need to give samples of their writing, psychics can give a mini reading. Psychic lines often give their new customers three minute free or a discount on the first reading. Psychics answer questions in magazine columns. Some readers have radio shows and give callers sample readings. We sometimes get new clients from this avenue. The bad part about free is that it is often not valued and taken for granted. How often do you eat a food sample at the grocery store or food court in the mall and actually buy that product?

I personally do not mind doing some free, I do mind when it is expected of me. One male stranger emailed me once and wrote a couple of paragraphs about himself and his problems. He proceeds to ask me a couple of questions, he went on to say that he was too busy to speak over the phone, but if I answered his questions okay, he might book a session in the future. My response was that is why I do email readings and gave him the link to my email website page. Surprise, I never heard from him again.

Another example was a couple of months ago a woman (with a lot of nerve) called and asked for a free fifteen minute reading. I responded, “This is a business and I need to get paid for my time.” You would think that she should have hung up the phone, but noooo, she went on to ask me if I knew of a psychic that would give her a free fifteen minute reading! Here was my answer, “Are you going to come over and clean my house? Is the grocery store going to give you free food? Nobody I know is going to give you a free reading, they deserved to be paid for their time and skill.” She had no comment after that.

The point of this whole article is there has to be some balance between free and paid. The next time you want something for nothing, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself, “Would you give away your time and skill.” Often things you pay for feel more valuable. When someone gives you something for free, please be grateful for their gift.

I do believe that it is good karma to give some things for free. I have the free class “The 3 F’s of Love” that you get when you subscribed to my newsletter. And of course, this author has a free eBook “Pamela’s Love Collection.” You can find the links to the book on my website or at Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Nobles, Google Play, Kobo, and Amazon (US only). On my website you will find the information about my weekly radio show so you can call in for an answer to your one question. You can submit a free love or dream question that could be chosen for two other monthly columns I write in Bellesprit Magazine.

This article is from Off the Cuff E-Zine September Issue



When Will I Find Love


This is a question singles ask me a lot during a reading; the answer varies with each individual. I understand how frustrating it is to be single, to have your heart ache, and want to meet someone special, because I didn’t meet my mate until my late forties. When I look back over my life, I can honestly say that I was usually happier being single than some of the relationships I had been in. Those relationships I was in that taught me a lot of AFGE. What’s an AFGE? Another F*cking Growth Experience!

Fifteen years ago I used to live across from the Wharton fire department in NJ, US. I often ask a question before going to sleep and get answers in my dreams. One night, I decide to ask my angels and guides, “When will I meet the one?” That night I had a dream where…. Read the rest at SW Experts

A Toast to Responsibility

Kitty Hard at Work

“Eventually we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done.” — Hubert Selby Jr.

How many times have you wanted someone else to take care of a problem you did not want to deal with? When we were children, we never appreciated our caretakers for all things they took care of for us. Ah, to be a child again and have someone else be the adult. Life would be so much easier if someone else did the laundry, washed the dishes, cleaned the house, do the grocery shopping, pay the bills, walk the dog, clean the litter box, and supplied us with a constant flow of money. What a nice fantasy!

The reality is we were put on the planet Earth to learn lessons to grow personally and spiritually; in order to do that we need to be responsible. This is not an easy asset for most people to acquire. There are far more irresponsible people than responsible. Let us take a look at how this affects our lives.

Education is important for us to move ahead in society, if we goof off in school, succumb to peer pressure, or neglect our grades; our result is not passing and staying back. We may end up not getting into college or working at a low paying job, which ripples out to every aspect of our life. Our education does not end in school, I know many highly educated people who do not have common sense and are closed minded.

Humans need to continue to educate themselves as long they live. It is our responsibility to keep learning to understand what our truth is from other’s beliefs. We do this by gathering as much information about a subject to fully comprehend it. Why should we do this? To find out if we should sign that contract, moved to that city, or believe in your religion. Whatever the subject is, know that the truth will set you free.

Finances are a major factor in everyone’s life, even rich people. I get a ton of money questions in my reading for clients. The energy of money represents our security in our lives and it is oh, so easy to get out of balance. There are many people declaring bankruptcy because of student loans, medical bills, and/or credit cards. Some people get bills, let them pile up, and hide from credit collectors.

Whatever your current state of financial affairs are, it is always important to educate yourself, and take responsibility. Are you in debt? Instead of sticking those bills in a drawer, investigate what your options are. Take a deep breathe, pray, pick up your phone, and call the person or company you owe money to., It is important to speak to them in a calm, kind, and firm manner when making payment arrangements. The majority of places will work with you. Once you make those arrangements, you must take responsibility and honor them. It is such a wonderful feeling when a debt is clear.

Did you get a windfall of money or are you comfortable with your finances? Congratulations, now is the time to be responsible, save some, invest some, or buy a home. The one thing I would like everyone to study is the law of attraction. When you learn about how your thoughts and feelings affect you, it will be easier to manifest abundance into your life.

Health is a gift from God and must be taken care of. It is irresponsible to think that you can abuse your body without repercussions. Good health makes you feel and look better, which is a wonderful motivator to keep you responsible about your health. You are the one who is in charge of bathing, brushing your teeth, getting enough sleep, and exercise. The choices you make today will affect your future health.

The saying “You are what you eat” is so true. Let’s face it, food is expensive and it is so tempting to buy cheaper food. And when we are on the go to eat at fast food restaurants. We think we are taking care of our finances and busy lives this way. The truth is we as a society, are creating more health crisis that may not appear today, but later in life. The money we are saving now will be needed for future health bills. In reality, we are creating more debt with our poor food choices.

So what can you do? Here is where education comes in when it comes to food. Look at the ingredients on the labels, if you don’t understand what the most of them are, why are you eating it? Instead, eat real food like fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, meats, and nuts. Do your best to steer away from foods that are filled with sugar, salt, and GMOs. You are better off with dairy, chicken, and meats that are not filled with antibiotics and hormones. In other word, eat as much organic as you can. Everybody is different when it comes to food, educate yourself on what is right for you.

The other thing to educate yourself when it comes to your health is in the medical field. It is important to get checkups, but always get a second opinion if a doctor says something is wrong with you. It is always a must to investigate medicine and medical procedures instead of blindly agreeing to it. Doctors are educated in medical schools, however, they are rarely educated in diet or alternative health care. Your diet may be lacking certain minerals or vitamins that is affecting your health. Or a chiropractor and massage therapist could help you, instead of back surgery.

Are you wondering why a relationship expert is writing about being responsible in education, finances, and health? You will attract the type of mate according to where you are in life. If you are uneducated, poor, and/or unhealthy it is very unlikely that a person who is educated, rich, and healthy would want anything to do with you. Be all that you can be to attract a wonderful mate. For those of you that are in a relationship, think about how money and health issue influence your relationship. That is where education comes in, knowledge is power. The knowledge of how to move forward with any problem makes life easier.

I wish everyone great health, increasing finances, and higher education!

This article is from August Off the Cuff En-zine


20 Things To Do Before You Text Or Call Him

Don't Call

Did he say he was going to call or text you and he hasn’t? I understand how frustrating that can be whether you just meet him or have been seeing him for a while. In fact, when is he going to call is among one of the top questions my clients have asked me during a reading. How tempting is it to tell him off in a text, however, before you pick up your cell phone do one or all of the following:

1. Breathe, let go, and trust in the timing of when you will hear from him.

2. Think before you text or dial his number, especially if ..

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3 Tips to Avoid Crazy and Needy Women

Crazy-Needy Women


Men, would you like to avoid drama from women? These three tips will show you how.

The Art of Listening

Listen to her when she speaks, instead of focusing on her anatomy and what you would like to do with it. The topics she chooses to speak to you about will give a HUGE clue of who she really is. Does she talk a lot about money, material things, and vacations? If she doesn’t have much money that is a warning, she either overspends or wants you to spend money on her. A man told me how on a first date he knew a woman wasn’t right for him, when she asked him to pay her rent!

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Open Blog Weekend: Five Reasons to Not KDP Select


There is so much controversy over the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program; some authors think that it’s that best thing to happen since the internet, and other authors say not to put all your eggs in one basket. In case you do not know what KDP Select is, it is when an author enrolls their eBook and they can only sell it on Amazon, therefore they have to take off their eBook everywhere else. The readers can get your book free for a limited time and/or there is a limited time promotional discounting for the book. The author’s book is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited subscription program (like Netflix but for books) and the author gets a 70% royalty for sales in other countries when normally the percentages are much lower.

I can understand why full-time writers and fiction authors may want to enroll when Amazon controls a large percentage of the eBook market. They are going where the majority of book sales are and could get higher earnings. I might do the same if I was in their shoes, but I am an Indie nonfiction author. My eBooks are to educate the public, they are my “Digital Business Cards,” and help get interest in the services that are my money maker. Here are my five reasons that I choose not to go into the KDP Select program:

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The Love Channel – July 2015

Love channel Belle

The Love Channel – Let go of a past relationship and move forward is the message love expert, Pamela Cummins gives to her reader’s question.


Dear Pamela:

When I got together with my ex-boyfriend about two and a half years ago, it was at a very difficult time in my life. I broke up with him several times and then ran back. After the third time, he refused to take me back. We have been apart for a year and a half now. After I begged and begged for him to come back, he refused to continue the cycle. I discontinued calling him. After 6 months, he called me and we were talking once in a while for the last six months without no progression. At one point, I said to him, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we don’t even know if we would still like each other-wouldn’t you kind of like to know?” He replied,~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

In the Dreamtime – Dream Interpretation



In the Dreamtime – Pamela Cummins provides dream interpretation for your dreams.



Welcome to July’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s dreams have interesting symbolism – colors, money, baby items, and being another person. Please read on to see what these three dreams are about.

Purple Eyes

I dreamed that I was alone in a hospital room feeling sick to my stomach, I looked in a mirror and noticed that I had purplish colored eyes Why did my eyes look that color?

Dream Interpretation

This dream doesn’t give me much to go on, but I will give you my best shot. My gut instinct is this dream has something to do with the chakras. Your second and third chakra is off. The second chakra is gut instincts, creativity, feelings, and a connection to your family/tribe. The third chakra is your personal power. I am psychically getting that you are very intuitive and spiritual, but you have blocks to be removed in order to fully be in touch with it. Your purple eye is your ability to see things in a spiritual way. When you work through your blocks, your third eye will open more.

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