Open Blog Weekend: Five Reasons to Not KDP Select


There is so much controversy over the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program; some authors think that it’s that best thing to happen since the internet, and other authors say not to put all your eggs in one basket. In case you do not know what KDP Select is, it is when an author enrolls their eBook and they can only sell it on Amazon, therefore they have to take off their eBook everywhere else. The readers can get your book free for a limited time and/or there is a limited time promotional discounting for the book. The author’s book is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited subscription program (like Netflix but for books) and the author gets a 70% royalty for sales in other countries when normally the percentages are much lower.

I can understand why full-time writers and fiction authors may want to enroll when Amazon controls a large percentage of the eBook market. They are going where the majority of book sales are and could get higher earnings. I might do the same if I was in their shoes, but I am an Indie nonfiction author. My eBooks are to educate the public, they are my “Digital Business Cards,” and help get interest in the services that are my money maker. Here are my five reasons that I choose not to go into the KDP Select program:

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The Love Channel – July 2015

Love channel Belle

The Love Channel – Let go of a past relationship and move forward is the message love expert, Pamela Cummins gives to her reader’s question.


Dear Pamela:

When I got together with my ex-boyfriend about two and a half years ago, it was at a very difficult time in my life. I broke up with him several times and then ran back. After the third time, he refused to take me back. We have been apart for a year and a half now. After I begged and begged for him to come back, he refused to continue the cycle. I discontinued calling him. After 6 months, he called me and we were talking once in a while for the last six months without no progression. At one point, I said to him, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we don’t even know if we would still like each other-wouldn’t you kind of like to know?” He replied,~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

In the Dreamtime – Dream Interpretation



In the Dreamtime – Pamela Cummins provides dream interpretation for your dreams.



Welcome to July’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s dreams have interesting symbolism – colors, money, baby items, and being another person. Please read on to see what these three dreams are about.

Purple Eyes

I dreamed that I was alone in a hospital room feeling sick to my stomach, I looked in a mirror and noticed that I had purplish colored eyes Why did my eyes look that color?

Dream Interpretation

This dream doesn’t give me much to go on, but I will give you my best shot. My gut instinct is this dream has something to do with the chakras. Your second and third chakra is off. The second chakra is gut instincts, creativity, feelings, and a connection to your family/tribe. The third chakra is your personal power. I am psychically getting that you are very intuitive and spiritual, but you have blocks to be removed in order to fully be in touch with it. Your purple eye is your ability to see things in a spiritual way. When you work through your blocks, your third eye will open more.

A humorous way to look at this dream is read the rest of the dream interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine

Stop Thinking Like That!

Watch Your Thoughts

Have you ever stopped and listened to the way you think to yourself? Are your thoughts negative or positive? When you observed your thoughts, are you criticizing or lifting yourself up? Scientist estimate that we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. That is a lot of thoughts! Can you image if the majority of those thoughts are negative?

Here are some examples of thoughts that we use when we do self-criticism:  

  • I can’t believe I did that, how stupid am I?
  • I look horrible!
  • Look how fat I am!
  • What was I thinking when I …?
  • Nobody ever is going to want me.
  • Why did I say that? I should have said…
  • I’ll never be able to do any of my dreams.

Please stop saying those things to yourself. I remember back in 1989 when I realized how bad my self-talk was, I said to a former spiritual mentor, “It is like I am taking a huge metal pipe and hitting myself in the head!” That was a huge turning point for me, today (for the most part), it is like I am hitting myself over the head with a feather when I have negative thinking. I cannot tolerate negative thinking for too long because it makes me feel ill.

So how do you stop the negative self-talk? You need to make a conscious choice to start to be aware of your thoughts. The following are some tips on how to begin:

  • Pray and/or ask God, the angels, or your guides to help you become aware of your critical and negative thoughts.
  • You can ask a trusted friend to point out when you are NOT speaking in a positive manner. Remember what we talk about is often what we think about.
  • When you catch yourself having negative thoughts, say to yourself – you lie, cancel, cancel, or erase. Replace it with a positive thought right away.
  • Another thing you can do upon catching yourself with a critical thought is to put a dollar in a special jar. The money that you collect is to be used for a cause that you totally dislike! If you are a vegan, you must give the money to a butcher, or give the money to someone you can’t stand. That will help you to start to think positive!

What happens if the above suggestion does not work? This exercise should help you get to the root cause, find a pad of paper, or use a computer or mobile phone. Start journaling to yourself in the manner that you see below.

Critical Thoughts – I can’t believe I said that to him, he must think that I am dumb.

Positive Thoughts – Erase, you are not dumb. You are very smart, look how you find a solution to that other problem. He will understand that you are human.

Critical Thoughts – No he won’t! Now he will never like me! He is just too good for me.

Positive Thoughts – If he doesn’t like you for who you are, that is his lost! You are beautiful and smart. There is a man that will accept you no matter what you say or do. That man will love you for you with all your assets and not so great qualities.

I hope you can see how the above exercise helps you get into the root of the problem. The lady above root was that she felt she wasn’t good enough for this man. Her positive thoughts helped her remind herself that she deserved to be loved for who she was.

The getting to the root cause exercise can be used time and time again for any critical and negative thoughts you have regarding any issues. You may need to fill pages and pages to clear out those thoughts to get to the root and replace it with a positive thought. If you find that you can’t do this on your own, I would highly suggest seeking help from a coach or some type of professional.

May you have plenty of happy, positive thoughts! ~ This article is from Off the Cuff E-zine


#IndieBooksBeSeen ~ Support Indie Authors


Today, Indie authors around the planet are bombarding social media with pictures of themselves and their books. It is so amazing to see the support from readers all over social media too, please support an Indie author! Indie authors decided to honor their writing because they did not want to spend years to find an agent and/or publisher. They refused to let a publisher tell them how to write their book, choose their book cover, give them a small percentage of profits, and do very little promoting of their book.

My photo journey to find a photo I like was an adventure. My partner and I went to Crotan Point in Cedar Point, NC on a very humid day. He is very patient because we took a zillion pictures, before I found one that I liked – just like a woman not to like any pictures of herself!

One of the many bridges in Crotan Point.Twitter Header

I used this photo in my Twitter header a long time ago ~ @RevPamela




My partner liked this picture, my father and niece preferred the top one. I thought it was okay. 



The Crazy Cat Lady inside of me had to get pictures of my fur babies to Rhiannon’s horror! They do not make a photo session easy!

Crop Merlin & books

Merlin aka “The Bruiser”

Rhainnon Crop

“Don’t take my picture!”









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How a Man Shows He Loves You

Man Loves You


“Does he love me?” is a popular question my clients ask me. The answer will vary for each reading because each relationship is different. I have seen many women get frustrated because the man they are dating doesn’t express his feeling, open up to them, or says he loves her. One woman told me that her fantasy man she wants to manifest would tell her he loves her every day and leave her love poems. How many ladies would like that?

Male poets who express their feelings are out there, however, the bulk of men are not like that. A married man might tell his wife in private that he loves her every day, yet may have trouble saying it in public, please remember it took years for him to get to that place. In the courtship phase it is much different. A warning to those who just started dating a man who says they love them within the first two months. Love at first sight is rare, lust at first sight is more common. That kind of love/lust is what keeps the population going. We, humans, usually do not fall in love, we grow into love.

The vast majority of men shows their love in – Read the rest at SW Experts

The Love Channel – Finding Love and a Relationship

Love channel Belle

This month Love Expert Pamela Cummins answers questions from our readers about finding love and entering into a relationship.


Dear Pamela:

My name is June. I have been divorced for four years and I am having no luck at finding love again. Will I ever find someone and how long will it be before I find it?

Thank you very much,

Dear June:

I got two things immediately, while reading your question. The first thing I heard was ~ read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Honesty in Relationships

couple-307287_640When I went for my walk today, I was thinking what I could write for my June’s Off the Cuff article. My guides played Billy Joel’s song lyric – Honesty is such a lonely word and mostly what I need from you. So honesty it is. Here is Merrian-Webster definition of honesty in their dictionary – the quality of being fair and truthful, the quality of being honest, fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, and adherence to the facts.

The first person you need to be honest with is yourself. Are you thinking that is a no brainer? I agree, but we lie to ourselves all the time. We lie about what we want to do with our lives, that something doesn’t matter to us, or we don’t need love. We also are not always honest with others. How often did you avoid being truthful to avoid hurting someone’s feelings and tell a little white lie? Who really wants to tell someone their butt does look big in those pants!

Two of the most important things to be honest with for yourself about, is ~ Read the rest at Off the Cuff e-zine

Love and Anger


Wouldn’t it be nice if love was like it is in fairy tales and “We all live happily ever after?” Alas, life is not. This quote from my one of my books sums up the happily ever after theory, “Relationships are where we humans get our greatest education.” Everyone has positive and negative emotions that need to be expressed appropriately. It’s too bad that we aren’t always taught how to do that in childhood.

Anger is almost always our reaction to circumstances, underneath all that anger is often feelings such as fear, hurt, and sadness. People express anger in different ways that range from the silent treatment to violent rage. It’s important to work on anger issues in order not to hurt others.

I was taught, like many women, that ~ Read the rest at SW Experts