How Dreams Guide Us along the Path of Life


This month the dreams have a spiritual theme to help the dreamers get in touch with what they truly desire, encourages them to pursue it, and to know they are never alone.


Here’s a dream interpretation for you. I opened the door to my apartment. On the ground are three things. One, I thought was a newspaper, but it’s a manual. White with a big orange/yellow box. No writing. On top of that is a black square, could be a box but I couldn’t tell. On top of the box is a key. The base of the key is round with a silver medallion in the center. Ornate. The key part was long and straight with three 3 ridges on it. I know it’s a symbol, but of what?


Thank you for this dream, I will give you a basic interpretation of this dream. You know… Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

An Attitude of Gratitude


The month of November always makes me think of gratitude because of the US Thanksgiving holiday. Many, many moons ago, I was estranged from my family on Thanksgiving. I was invited to share a meal at a women’s halfway house where I had volunteered at. I had a lovely time with these warm ladies and the food was wonderful. What has always stood out for me about that Thanksgiving is the end of the meal. You see, we went around the table, and each of us had to say what we were grateful for. I can’t remember what anyone or myself was grateful for, what I do remember is the magical feeling that occurred.

An attitude of gratitude can change your life around. So funny, as I typed that my guides played a song lyric from one of the Jesus Christ Superstar songs, “Look at the good things you got.” When you look at the good things you have it forces the mind and emotions to go into the positive. Positive thoughts create positive action and positive actions help to create a more positive life.

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The Love List


People spend years in school to help create their careers in life. We search the internet for the perfect car, latest mobile phone, or the right doctor. What humans neglect and get very little knowledge on is personal relationships, especially love relationships. We believe a love relationship will come magically come into our lives and make everything better. The society helps to that belief through movies and romance novels. If relationship and parenting skills were required educations, what a better world this would be.

The example I like to use is, “Would you go into an auto dealership and ask for a vehicle?” The salesperson would give you a strange look and ask for more details – make, model, two door, four door, new, used, and color. You might be thinking I would never do that and know what kind of vehicle you want. My question to you is,…. Read the rest at SW Experts

Courage to Change

hearts-Some of my clients want to know when he or she is going to change. Will they invest more in the relationship? When are they going to open up and share their feelings? Will they stop working so hard, drinking, or cheating? The questions about when are they going to change are endless. There is a saying “When you are pointing the finger at someone, you have three pointing back at yourself.” Instead of wondering when they are going to change, put the focus back on yourself, and make the changes yourself.
Decades ago, a former boyfriend said to me, “You is all you ever have.” That was so powerful for me because it is true, in human form I only have myself. People will move away, leave, and die. I am totally powerless over other people’s behavior, as are you. However, you have power over your words, thoughts, and actions. My life began to change when I accepted that I was responsible for me and how I reacted to other people’s behaviors and actions was up to me. You can have that freedom too. At the same time, it is a good idea to – Read the rest at Nature Spirits Speak


In the Dreamtime – Recurring Dreams


Recurring dreams happen to get your attention to a topic or issue that you are not paying attention to. The dream will be repeated exactly the same or with differences, it will always be the same theme. Whether the recurring dreams happen once in a while or often, it is important for you to figure out how to make positive changes in your life.  The following dream is a great example of recurring dreams.


I had the same dream twice in one week. The individuals in my dream were people I went to high school with forty years ago and probably haven’t seen them but a handful of times in the forty year span.

I dreamed an individual was deceased and don’t recall knowing that individual, however my high school friend Doris knew him. I could picture her face so clearly and we were in the woods. I recall her being very nice, cute and a cheerleader. She wanted to dispose of his body without anyone knowing. I know it was a male but don’t recall if it was a husband or boyfriend. She wanted myself and another high school buddy to put him in a plastic bag and bury him.

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The Show Must Go On

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True Psychic Networks is undergoing major change. The Love Channel Show radio show will now be with Goldylocks Productions at the same time Wednesdays 3pm Eastern. This Wednesday, my special guest is an animal communicator, Janet Roper.




Please join me live or listen in the archives. The call in number is 323-870-3791


To Free or Not To Free?

Books and Readings

That is the question an author was asking in a book marketing group on LinkedIn. There were many opinions as is often the case with any group. The author was concerned about giving away his book because of all the hard work he put into it. I could hardly blame him because I understand the process.

In case, you don’t understand what goes into creating a book, let me explain it to you. There is research whether it is fiction or nonfiction, in nonfiction the author usually has many years of education and experience behind them. A fiction writer could spend a fortune learning about various writing techniques. A book requires many, many, many hours to write, rewrite, and rewrite. It takes time to find and craft the perfect words into a sentence.

A few authors find publishers, who will foot the bill, unfortunately, they also have control over the content, cover, and the title – even if the author does not like it. Many authors are choosing the self-publishing route to become Indie authors and the cost comes out of their pocket. What are the costs? Editing is a must for a good book and it is hard to edit your own work. I am fortunate that my Father, who is a retired English professor and editor, will edit my first draft. I have another editor and she does my final draft. Some authors will pay out hundreds to thousands of dollars to get the editing done.

Covers sells the books, but a homemade cover rarely does. Book covers can cost from $35.00 to $500.00 depending on the cover designer. Technical savoy authors will format their own eBooks and paperbacks. I have done my paperbacks, but the eBooks formatting looks too difficult for me. I rather pay someone than spend days trying to figure it out. The cost can be anywhere from $35.00 to $125.00.

Book covers, editing, and formatting are the must do’s for a book, but there can be other costs. Some authors will pay a company to do the three basics or more and that can run into a lot of money. Do you understand now why the author was having difficulties deciding whether or not to give his book free, even if it was just a couple of days?

People who read books do not understand this process and want free. I understand why readers do not want to spend a lot of money for books because there is nothing worse than spending your hard earn money on a book that you feel is awful. That is why I feel the middle ground for an author should be to give a short story, novella, or short eBook for free. This way the reader gets a feel for your writing style. Or have an occasional special on the book. If an author is really good most people will gobble up all their books, while waiting impatiently for their next one to come out.

The next area that comes up to free or not to free is psychic readings. People have said that it is a gift from God and you should not charge for it. However, having a voice like an angel and tremendous athletic abilities is also a gift from God; and look at what singers and football players get paid! I can understand not wanting to spend your hard earned money on a possible bad psychic, which is why you need to shop around, and/or get a referral.

Just like authors need to give samples of their writing, psychics can give a mini reading. Psychic lines often give their new customers three minute free or a discount on the first reading. Psychics answer questions in magazine columns. Some readers have radio shows and give callers sample readings. We sometimes get new clients from this avenue. The bad part about free is that it is often not valued and taken for granted. How often do you eat a food sample at the grocery store or food court in the mall and actually buy that product?

I personally do not mind doing some free, I do mind when it is expected of me. One male stranger emailed me once and wrote a couple of paragraphs about himself and his problems. He proceeds to ask me a couple of questions, he went on to say that he was too busy to speak over the phone, but if I answered his questions okay, he might book a session in the future. My response was that is why I do email readings and gave him the link to my email website page. Surprise, I never heard from him again.

Another example was a couple of months ago a woman (with a lot of nerve) called and asked for a free fifteen minute reading. I responded, “This is a business and I need to get paid for my time.” You would think that she should have hung up the phone, but noooo, she went on to ask me if I knew of a psychic that would give her a free fifteen minute reading! Here was my answer, “Are you going to come over and clean my house? Is the grocery store going to give you free food? Nobody I know is going to give you a free reading, they deserved to be paid for their time and skill.” She had no comment after that.

The point of this whole article is there has to be some balance between free and paid. The next time you want something for nothing, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself, “Would you give away your time and skill.” Often things you pay for feel more valuable. When someone gives you something for free, please be grateful for their gift.

I do believe that it is good karma to give some things for free. I have the free class “The 3 F’s of Love” that you get when you subscribed to my newsletter. And of course, this author has a free eBook “Pamela’s Love Collection.” You can find the links to the book on my website or at Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Nobles, Google Play, Kobo, and Amazon (US only). On my website you will find the information about my weekly radio show so you can call in for an answer to your one question. You can submit a free love or dream question that could be chosen for two other monthly columns I write in Bellesprit Magazine.

This article is from Off the Cuff E-Zine September Issue



When Will I Find Love


This is a question singles ask me a lot during a reading; the answer varies with each individual. I understand how frustrating it is to be single, to have your heart ache, and want to meet someone special, because I didn’t meet my mate until my late forties. When I look back over my life, I can honestly say that I was usually happier being single than some of the relationships I had been in. Those relationships I was in that taught me a lot of AFGE. What’s an AFGE? Another F*cking Growth Experience!

Fifteen years ago I used to live across from the Wharton fire department in NJ, US. I often ask a question before going to sleep and get answers in my dreams. One night, I decide to ask my angels and guides, “When will I meet the one?” That night I had a dream where…. Read the rest at SW Experts