Don’t Ignore Your Intuition

I am always encouraging my clients to listen to their intuition and not ignore it. The majority of the time I listen to mine because it is always right. Besides, as a psychic, I need to be a good example to my clients.  Last weekend I made the mistake of not listening to my intuition.

I was invited to a party for a friend of mine who recently published a book.  The party was at her friend’s home and she wanted us to bring food that we felt our favorite author would eat. I chose two authors one for fiction and one for nonfiction.  For nonfiction Doreen Virtue always encourages her readers to eat healthy foods, so I decided multigrain tortilla chips would be good.  Being a Jersey girl, I love the “Stephanie Plum” series by Janet Evanovich.  I read that Evanovich enjoys junk food, so that is why Stephanie eats massive amounts of junk food in the novels. I thought that chocolate donuts would be good.

I did readings the day of the party. When I was done I received a vision of a pizza cut into sixteen pieces. In many of the books, Stephanie gets a pizza pie and eats it with one of her boyfriends, Joe Morelli. I went to my sisters and brother in law’s pizzeria, “Franks” in Newport, NC and got a pie.  It was cold by the time I got to the party, and who wants to eat cold pizza? Yuck. I did not know most of the people there. I asked for the hostess so I could warm it up.  Some man, who I assumed was the host, thought I was delivering the pizza. I said no I brought it and want to warm it up.  He turned on the oven and put the pizza still in the box into the oven. My intuition told me it was not safe. I asked him, “Is that safe?” He responded, “It is only on two hundred degrees its; fine.”

My friend starts to thank people who have helped with the book.  All of a sudden smoke came of the oven.  I opened the oven and the top of the box is on fire. I could not move, I was in shock, afraid of the fire and so embarrassed.  Mr. “It’s Fine” ran over, took the box out, put out the fire with a dish cloth, and brought it outside.

Luckily half of the pizza was still good. I still feel embarrassed when I think of it because I ignored my intuition, but maybe it was meant to be?  I did announce to the party members that it was kind of appropriate the pizza caught on fire. Because Stephanie Plum is constantly blowing up cars!




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