Ouija Board Adventure

Children and teenagers are often attracted to Ouija boards.  It is so exciting for them to watch the planchette slowly spell out words.  Any psychic and even a lay person will tell them to stay away from Ouija boards. The reason is they are a magnet for low energy entities.  What do I mean by low energy entities?  They are spirits that have not evolved much. And ghosts, which are people who have died but have not gone into the light to reach the other side. If you insist on playing with the board, ask God and the Angels for protection. Maybe my experience as a child will discourage you.

I spent the majority of my childhood in a large, green Victorian house in Morristown, NJ.  When I was ten, my sister and I had a slumber party. There were at least ten girls laughing, screaming and carrying on that night to the “joy” of my parents.  Someone had brought a Ouija board, so we climbed upstairs to the attic for the perfect atmosphere to experiment with it. There was one set of stairs, a wooden landing that had two windows a few inches above the floor, and another set of stairs. The attic was unfinished and bats sometimes lived up there. My sister and I would write letters to the bats requesting that they leave. You did not know that bats could read?

So, here we are a bunch of girls in a candle lit creepy attic with a Ouija board. We ask a question that I have no memory of and put our fingertips on the planchette.  It moves really fast.  We knew it was not us moving the planchette.  A bunch of screaming girls hightail it out of there and come crashing down the stairs. One of my friends, who I will call Gwen, slips down the stairs. Thankfully, she grabs the banister and does not fly out the window. Unfortunately, a huge shard of glass got stuck in her knee. Some of the girls went home to their parents; the rest of us went to the hospital.  I am sure it was a night to remember for the staff, a bunch of adolescent girls doing poses in front of their surveillance camera.

My friends and I never used a Ouija board again. That stupid board ruined the party, left a scar on Gwen’s knee, and my sister and I were not allowed to have any more slumber parties!  So play it safe and use tarot cards, runes, and a pendulum instead. These tools have a much higher vibration. It still is a good idea to ask God and the Angels for protection whenever you use them.


6 comments on “Ouija Board Adventure

  1. I had a really bad experience with a Ouija Board as a child (also at a slumber party). There were a bunch of us asking the board questions, and the planchette seemed to be flying around the Ouija Board. Then suddenly without any warning (I am not certain if it was a particular question that had been asked), the planchette lifted up off the Board and flew across the room hitting one of the girls in the eye. The home was never the same after the Ouija Board incident, as the family began to experience all sorts of strange disturbances (poltergeist activity) and were finally forced to vacate the house.

      • Hello Pamela and Susan and all who read this…

        I have experienced more than one session that came to be not so “Well meaning and kind” as it appeared to be. Foul language, threats and energies were sent into an elderly woman who experienced great pain for months. More, much more but I dont wish to recall. I hope and pray anyone considering trying the Ouja Board, thinks 3x over…then 3x more. The energies can fool one into coming back for more, but be sure….”The Good of Mankind, is not what is has in store” ahhh, a message from my Divine guides to young and old…..take Pamela’s advice, carefully learn other modalities …..and always take care to be “in God’s Light”,,,,centered and pray and surround oneself with Angels of Light.
        It can be hard not try something, especially when one is warned, part of the human spirit wanting to experience things first hand,,,,suggest All use the time with other things. With love and light, thank you for the time with me. Virginia

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