Give the Gift of Love for the Holiday

People are running all over town or searching the Internet to find the perfect gift. Some are putting themselves into debt for expensive gifts to show how much they care. Fights are breaking out in the stores because it’s the last item. Why go through all those headaches, when the greatest gift, LOVE, does not cost a thing?

Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Pagan, New Ager, etc., we all want to be loved. Even animals and plants thrive on love. So how do you give love for the holidays? The following will give you some ideas:

* Make crafty gifts, bake homemade goods, cook a meal, or give a back massage. Most people agree those are the best types of gift, because the giver does what they do best and it comes from the heart.

* Spend time with a family member – talk, play games, baby sit, help clean or cook, fix things in their home, walk the dog, or go out to eat.

* Volunteer for a cause that is important to you.

* Clean out your closets and donate your clothes. Give away those old nonperishable food items that are in your cabinets. This is a good gift to give not only during the holiday, but all year round.

* Meet friends for coffee or a meal. Time spent together is more important than a gift.

* Put on a show, read a poem or story, or sing for family and friends.

* Have a positive attitude, smile, and be kind to everyone, no matter what they do. Positive energy creates more positive energy. What a gift to give to the world!

Think of all those long lines, packed malls, hours spent on line, and debt you have avoided. What do you do for those who complain that you’re cheap? Smile; let them know that love is worth millions!

* I published this in 12/2006 on Lady Pens, but the message is still appropriate for 2011! Sending love to all my readers, Happy Holidays!


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