Love Day is Every Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some people are waiting in anticipation, and others are dreading it. I am already getting calls from clients about it. The people who really enjoy Valentine’s Day the most are Hallmark, florist, and chocolate companies.

Ten years ago, a few days after Valentine’s I was having a conversation with a group of women.  A woman was bragging how her boyfriend gave her flowers, chocolate, and a card. I responded “Well that was very nice, what does he do for you the rest of the year?”  Her face turned bright red. She knew that I knew how rotten he was to her.  Gifts do not mean much if your mate treats you badly.

Singles often have the most problems with this day. They dread seeing all the Valentine’s displays. It feels like everybody in the world has someone but them. I understand how they feel.  I was single on a year when Valentine’s fell on a Saturday, everyone I knew was out with their honey, and I got a delivery of a picnic basket filled with candy from my sister.  That night I gorged on the majority of the contents of the basket and regretted it the next day. It was then that I decided that on Valentine’s Day I give rather than receive. The following year I bought a box of Valentines children’s card and handed them out to everybody.

Please remember that Valentines is just another day. You are an important and valuable person whether you are single, in a relationship or married. It does not matter what gifts you get. What matters most is how kind and loving you are to others.  And that you will only allow kind and loving people in your life.  Love is not subject to one day a year but all year long. Make every day “Love Day.”


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