The Gift of Switzerland


Last month my father and stepmother took me to Switzerland! It was an early birthday gift. I turn the “Big Five O” in October, which I am not ashamed to admit and am looking forward to my fifth decade. It was wonderful experience.

The most important gift was spending time with and bonding with my family. We got along so well, compromised easily, and traveled with ease.  I will always treasure it and the memories that I have of it.

The next gift was the beauty of the nature in Switzerland. The States needs to learn from the Swiss how to respect the land and keep it clean. The awe and serenity of the Alps is incredible! The cities are so ancient and very clean. The majority of the Swiss people are very kind.  We stayed in the small village of Lauterbrunnen, which is in the Bern district and is a German section of Switzerland.

I loved the fact that I could drink the tap water and it tasted wonderful. It was better than bottled water. They do not put all the garbage that is American food. On a menu at a restaurant in Zurich, it stated that the filet of steak from the United States could contain hormones and antibiotics. I ate a ton of beef, pork, and chicken during the ten days I was there. What a treat and it tasted so yummy! It is very rare I will eat any of that in the US because of the hormones and antibiotics. In the past it caused health issues for me, so I will only buy products free of hormone and antibiotic from the grocers. It is worth the extra expense.

A friend of mine asked if I had any spiritual experiences while I was in Switzerland. Just being there was a spiritual experience.  I knew I was meant to be there because of the ease of my airplane experiences. I had to take a total of six airplanes. I went from Jacksonville, NC to Charlotte, NC, and from Charlotte to Newark, NJ. A day in Jersey, then off to JFK airport and a flight to Zurich. And I took the reverse trip home. The flight before mine to Newark was late which delayed my flight. The lady at the desk put me on the earlier flight, so I left on time. She told me I had a nice name, her name was Pamela too! On the flight from Newark back to Charlotte there was a gate mix-up but I left on time. The other four flights left and arrived on time too. What a miracle and I know the Angels were at work.

I am very grateful for my Switzerland experience! I wish you many blessings on all your future journeys.


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