There Are Good Men Out There

I have heard many women claim, myself included, that all men are jerks.  I know that is a lie, granted there are men who are unkind, selfish, and sick. But there are also women in our society that have the same traits. I also know that there are men that are very kind, giving, and healthy.  My boyfriend is one of them.

The best test of a relationship is when a crisis happens in one of the partner’s life.  I recently had to have a partial hysterectomy because I was in so much agony. In fact the after surgery pain was a walk in the park compared to the torture I felt before.  My boyfriend showed his true colors; he visited me at the hospital, took time off of work the day of the surgery, and took good care of me the weekend after surgery. One day when I was in the hospital, he not only feed my cats but spent a couple of hours giving my babies attention.  He knows I have to be healed before making love, which is not a problem for him, and still wants to spend time with me. Compare that to what an old ex of mine probably would have said, “Call me him when a certain part of your anatomy is back in commission.” Sad but true.

The following are signs that a man is a keeper:

He is consistent with keeping in touch with you.

He shows up and on time.

He will call you if he is running late.

He spends time with you.

He treats you with respect.

He is supportive of you in all aspects of your life.

He teases you in a loving, non-critical way.

He is interested in who you are.

He listens to you and communicates the best that he can.

He is kind to people.

He is there for you in a crisis.

He is himself and encourages you to be yourself.

I know that men can be this way because my “Hottie” is all of the above. Do you have anything you would like to add to the list?




4 comments on “There Are Good Men Out There

  1. I am afraid that some men never get past the adolescent stage of development. Their bodies age but their minds remain egotistical. Partnerships succeed because adversity, care, joy, pain are shared, not avoided by one or the other, or worse, both. One is always there to pick the other up after a fall; to share life’s experiences.

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