Our Pet’s Gifts

There are people who think that humans are superior to animals. Many of those same people think their way is better and what is wrong with you for not thinking the same as us.  Our pets may be different but does that mean we are better than them? How many humans can fly like a bird?  Maybe dogs are better because they can hear and smell better than us?  Dogs sure have us beat when it comes to unconditional love.  Who knows, fish could have a better connection to God than us? They are certainly better swimmers.

I love all animals, but cats are my heart.  It would be nice if our backbones were as flexible as theirs. Cats are a real good judge of character.  A cat would never go into denial about a person, like we humans do when our intuition says to stay away from someone, but so & so said they were so nice.

When Midnite was alive she disliked an ex -boyfriend of mine right away. I wish I had listened to her; it would have saved me a lot of heartache.  A client of mine told me a story about a former boyfriend she was having doubts about; her cat disliked him.  She broke up with him the night the kitty took a poop by his head while he was sleeping. We agreed that her cat was showing her that he was a real poop head!

Cats are very psychic.  Many years ago, after a psychic event, a ghost had followed me home.  I did not feel it, nor did it attach itself to me.  The way I knew it was around me was that Midnite was terrified and kept looking up at the ceiling.  I was really angry at this being for scaring Midnite and started yelling and swearing at it. Immediately I realized that was the wrong thing to do because then I felt it and it was feeding off my anger.  Midnite ran out of the room to the end of the hall.  I sat on the floor, closed my eyes, and called upon Arch Angel Michael, Buddha, Isis, Mother Mary, and Jesus.  The energy felt wonderful. I ask them to bring this soul into the light and if it would not go, to take it away from my house because it was terrifying Midnite.  The energy got really intense and I was really enjoying it. Midnite made a really cute, joyful kitty sound and I opened my eyes. She came running to me and rubbed her head all over me. She was so happy and I was grateful to her for bringing my attention to the intruder.

We are no better than our pets, we just have different gifts. That is why we need one another.  I am lucky because Birdy Bird gifts me with his song of Joy every day.  My kitties, Merlin and Rhiannon, are great companions, fabulous entertainment, give me lots of love, and continue my training in cat communication.  What gifts do you receive from your pets?




2 comments on “Our Pet’s Gifts

  1. You can be flexible as a cat if you practice yoga. I do cat pose and down dog all the time. Enjoyed the cat article. I love my Roux – a Tonkinese, very intelligent. I have only one friend that Roux acts out with. He does it every time she comes – he starts humping her arm. I have never seen him do it with anyone else. Is this love or dis-love? She does have cats also. Probably he smells their scent.

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