Bless Your Critics


Many of us were raised to be people pleasers and are concerned with what others think of us. I know that I allowed myself to be swayed from things I wanted to do because of other peoples’ opinions.  Lessons in my life taught me to listen to my inner guidance. That is the nice thing about getting older; you care less about what other people think about you.

A wise woman I knew once asked these two questions, “Do you like everyone?  Well, why would you expect everybody to like you?”  It is impossible to please everyone, so you might as well make yourself happy, and live your life the way you want.

There will always be someone who will criticize you.   When they do, be honest enough with yourself to see if there is any truth in it.  But also consider the source. Perhaps they are jealous of you or unhappy in their own life.  Personally, I listen most to the people who critique me in a loving way.  What counts most is what you think of yourself.

There are times when people will attack and put you down in public or the media.  Boy, am I grateful I am not a Hollywood star!  I do know how it feels and hopefully my experience will help you.  A woman wrote a blog where she used an example of someone in a cruel way and it was obvious that it was me. I could not prove it, but my psychic abilities told me it was me. I also got confirmation from another intuitive and a friend.  It really hurt and angered me for a couple of days.  I vented to my sister and friends about it. I prayed for her when I would have rather told her off. I did visualize telling her off and throwing balls of white light at her. I realized she was jealous of me. And knew she criticized me and other people because of her own insecurity.  Before long, her existence no longer bothered me.  Would I break bread with her? No way!  I wish her well in her life and prefer that our paths do not cross. If they do I will take the higher road and be cordial.

Bless your critics, they enable you to grow




4 comments on “Bless Your Critics

  1. I had similar experiences with people throughout my life. Took me a lot of years to accept the fact not everyone would like me and that was okay. After all, I didn’t like everyone either..Once I had finally gotten it, that was one of the most freeing moments in my life! Great article! -jb

  2. When I was a teenager, I worried a lot about what people said about me, true or not. As you say, age does dim this feeling and I judge criticism for what it is: sometimes hurtful, meaningless, irrelevant; even welcome, coming from a friend or family member. Yes, constructive criticism. No, destructive criticism; the route to all that is negative. Thank you for your post, Andrew.

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