Business Etiquette

In business it is important to remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. I have been self- employed since 1993 and had many lessons when it comes to business etiquette and principles. Each person is at different places in their business, but sometimes I shake my head in amazement at some of their actions. This has happened to me four times in the last two weeks and inspired this blog. So here are some tips:

Service Etiquette

There is enough for everyone; stop competing. Trust that the right client will come to you.

Help others in their business and they will help you.

Be in a business that is your passion or you will feel empty in the long run. If it is not your passion it will  have a negative impact on your customer service.

Make service and helping others the main focus of your business instead of money. Be patient and watch it grow.

Forgive people when they make a mistake, how else are they going to learn?

 Respect Etiquette

Do not put down others working in the same profession to the public; it makes you look foolish.

Allow others to run their business the way they want to because it is none of your business.

You are busy, everyone is busy. Respect other people’s time and show up when you are supposed to (barring any emergencies).

When it comes to business deals it needs to be in writing and/or a deposit. Handshakes do not work. It only took one time for me to learn that lesson.

 Radio and Magazine Etiquette

It is an honor to be a guest on a radio show or a columnist in a magazine. Therefore, send any information they need ASAP and be on time for the show or your article.

For radio show host, it is an honor to have a guest on your show. Return their calls and emails. Give them any ads and call in number at least a few days before the show. One show I was on, I got the “call in number” five minutes before the show! I had left numerous emails and phone calls that day and the day before. I turned down clients not knowing if I be on. It caused me a lot of stress.

 Social Media Etiquette

Here is a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to Twitter. If someone is kind enough to mention or retweet you, thank them. It is a compliment and needs to be acknowledged. I give people a few chances; if I do not get any reply I will never retweet or mention them again.

Tweet affirmations, quotes, information, retweet others, and one or two tweets about your business. Twitter is about building relationships. If you only market your business (unless you are very famous), people will become bored and un-follow you.

Do not post anything about your business on someone’s Facebook personal or business page without their permission.

I hope these tips help and you become a success in your goals and dreams. Any tips you would like to add to the list?



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