The Wisdom of Differences


What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. The entire population would like the exact same music, movies, food, clothes, etc. There would be just one religion and we all look alike. What would we learn? Would we just be like robots?  Differences make the world interesting.

The next time someone has a different opinion and value than you, instead of trying to make them see how your way is the best. Listen to them in a compassionate way and with an open mind. Maybe, just maybe, you will learn something that you can integrate into your life.  If their differences are against your taste or values, do not waste energy fighting – agree to disagree.

The ideal of accepting differences is not always easy to do, especially with family and friends.  Three things can help with this. The first is to remember that we all have warts and deserve to be accepted and loved for who we are. Wouldn’t you want that?  The second is to put yourself in their shoes and see it from their viewpoint.  Thirdly, when two people you love are having differences and disagreement, do not take sides.  Even if you believe one person is right, this is between them.  In order to keep both relationships harmonious, let them both know you love them but refuse to be in the middle.

Recently an associate who is helping me with my business, made some suggestions that were totally different than what felt right for me. Because I’m psychic, I really felt it. I struggled to listen to their viewpoint without arguing.  After the conversation my right leg was in agony and I knew it was because of what just happened. I discussed this with a loved one, got insight, and decided to stick to my original plan.  What’s really amazing is immediately afterwards I moved my right foot and there was a loud popping noise. My leg felt better!  I literally know where to stand with this issue, no pun intended. I also understand how to incorporate a few of their suggestion that will work with the plan. Neither one of us is wrong, opinions vary.

Hopefully, the above personal experience will help you to see the wisdom of differences in your own life. Enjoy the lessons of differences.



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