Out of Horror Can Come Beauty


Many year ago a psychic said the above title to me in a reading.  And yes, I get readings.  It is not easy for a psychic to read for themselves and be discerning.  I really love that saying and it has helped me through some hard times.

People often think that when they are going through a hard time that they are being punished. Others go into the “Why me, it shouldn’t happen to me.” But hard times and challenges happen to help us grow.  Some friends of mine would say I’m going through an AFGE.  An AFGE stands for “Another F…ing Growth Experience!”

Think back on some of the worst times of your life. Did you learn from it? After the experience, did something better happen?  Was it a blessing in disguise?  Did you choose a more positive path in life?   Many times after a tragedy, people will go fight for a cause.  For example, Megan’s Law or Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  Another situation is when someone goes through a divorce after an abusive marriage, finds them self, and makes a better life.

Two years ago I underwent a major AFGE.  I moved to New Jersey at the age of two; both of my parents are from NJ.  I thought that I would live and die in Jersey.  God had different plans.  Through a series of signs it became clear that it was time to move.  I cried hard for an hour or so, how could I leave my beloved state?  My sister was thrilled because after sixteen years of asking, I finally moved to NC.  At first it felt like I moved to a strange foreign country. What a culture shock.  I was living on the Crystal Coast, flat land, and minutes away from the beaches.  I was used to the woods and hills of Jersey.  It is much slower and less crowded here.  I was used to the United Nations, not rednecks.  Talk about being homesick and more tears.

Fast forward two years, this is my home.  I love the slower pace; spend time with my sister, have friends, a nice apartment, and a hottie boyfriend.  I eat shrimp (oyster, grouper, and clam) burgers all the time, yup with coleslaw and ketchup.  I say “Bless her heart” with a Yankee accent.  Sure, I miss Jersey, my friends, choice of restaurants, and the trees.  I don’t miss the traffics, crowds, or snow.  I see the beauty that came out of the horror.  Last month a Thai restaurant opened in Morehead!  Now if they only get an Indian restaurant so I don’t have to drive two hours to Wilmington for one.


4 comments on “Out of Horror Can Come Beauty

  1. What a great story. Thank you for sharing. Is that what I have to look forward too? I’m crying as I right this and I am so very happy that you have a hottie boyfriend. You deserve it. !!!!!

    Andrea – the pet sitter in nj

  2. As to us humans, fill the bathtub with water in case water goes out and you need to flush the toilet…put ziplock bags of water in the freezer in case power goes out…like having a block of ice without the mess

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