My whole life, mine and other people’s dreams have fascinated me. I used to write them down every day upon awaking for     almost nine years. This became impossible when I got my cat, Midnite, back in late 1999. She crossed over to the other side four years ago. Midnite wanted to be fed and adored when I woke up.  She would become very impatient and swat at the pen as I tried to write down my dreams.  How dare the slave girl hold up her meal! I was quickly trained to feed her first and do my best to recall my dreams afterwards. In time, I would only write down important dreams. Now I rarely write them down because the important ones make such an impact that I never forget them.

When I first learned to interpret my dreams it was with a dream specialist. She helped me to understand the personal symbolism of my dreams much better than any dream dictionary. Dream dictionaries usually give a common symbol, such as being naked means feeling vulnerable. It could also be a warning dream that someone is going to steal your clothing during your shower at the gym, leaving you naked.  Or for a nudist, that would be their symbolism for feeling free. Ahh the breeze!

Many people think the dream world is a senseless and silly place. I agree dreams can be so weird and funny. The language of dreams is the most difficult language on Earth. But, as you begin to investigate your dreams, patterns will appear.  It takes time, patience, and persistence.  To understand dreams, first you have to remember them, write them down, analyze the patterns, and interpret them.

You may be thinking to yourself, “So much work, why bother?”  Besides being really cool and fascinating, the language of dreams teaches you about yourself.  The subconscious mind is speaking to you in dreams. It tells you how you really feel, what your past and current issues are, and gives you solutions. Dreams can give a glimpse of an upcoming event. It is easier for angels and deceased loved ones to visit you in your sleep, because your vibration is higher and defenses are down. Those are pretty good reasons to “bother.”

At the end of February 2012, I wrote a blog on precognitive dreams. My upcoming blogs will have six other types of dreams.  During the in-between blogs time, I will have specials for my readers who want to understand their dreams. The first special is $20.00 for a 15 minute session regarding any questions or help you need on the topic of dreams.  www.pamelacummins.com   Offer expires upon the release of the next blog.  Okay, I admit this will be more play than work for me. But, hey, a girl’s gotta eat. (Offer Expired 11/8/12)


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