Solution Dreams

Dreams have solved many problems in history.  Joseph was freed from slavery by the Egyptian Pharaoh to become prime minister, because he interpreted a dream that saved the country from starvation.  Elias Howe made the sewing machine needle work because a dream gave him the idea to put a hole in it.  And Albert Einstein used his dreams all the time to help with invention problems.

I have used dreams in my personal life for many years.  Twenty years ago I was dating a man that I really liked, but felt unsure of.  I had a dream that he was smoking a cigarette in my bathroom; I was so upset because he had just quit.  As an ex-smoker it disgusted me to see all that smoke in my clean bathroom.  I confronted him with it. He lied to me by saying he was not smoking, when it was obvious that I saw him. We broke up a week later and he went on to his next victim.

I used to do psychic readings for popular adviser lines. It was like working at a fast food restaurant. I had one client after another, who wanted their information quickly, and some of them treated me poorly. A psychic friend of mine calls those lines “minimum wages for psychics.”  One night I asked my guides if I should leave the line I was currently working for. I dreamed that I was at an old bookkeeping job that I worked for in the early nineties. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe I was a bookkeeper, but it is a good skill to know for being self-employed.  Even though I learned a lot of lessons from that job, I was very unhappy there.  That dream represented my current position and gave me the courage and confidence to leave that line. I have never regretted it.

Here is how to use dreams to get help with an issue. Before you go to asleep, say out loud, pray about, or write down a problem.  Ask for a solution to come in a dream and to remember the dream. Keep paper and pen close by, so upon awaking you can write down your dream. When time allows, write it down completely. If not, write down the highlights and the feeling. Feelings are a major clue in interpreting dreams. The solution will come in a dream. Sometimes it takes a couple of nights before the answer comes.

If you need help interpreting your dreams, I am offering a special of $25.00 for a twenty minute dream interpretation session. Offer expires upon the release of the next blog. Expired 11/23/12.   May you receive many solutions in your dreams!


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