Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams can be very frustrating. People will complain, “Why am I having the same dream over and over again?”  Duh, the universe is trying to tell you something and you are not getting it. Just like life will repeat the same lesson over and over again, for example, dating the same type of man with different names and faces. Dreams will repeat themselves until you get the lesson.

In my early to mid-twenties I had a recurring dream. I was in a small room that had a ton of dresser with all types of drawers. I would open them and find all kinds of treasures. It was so exciting because I never knew what types of riches I would find and they were worth a lot of money. I would stuff the booty into my pockets, my purse, my bra, wherever I could. I was always so disappointed when I awoke.

One day, a few years later, after I had been working with dream symbolism for a while, I thought about my old recurring dreams. I had those dreams before I began my self- growth and spiritual journey. It occurred to me that the treasure hidden away in the drawers was symbolic of the riches that were inside of me. What I really had been doing in those dreams was looking for who I was. I then realized that the dreams stopped once I had started on my healing path.  Isn’t that awesome?

Here is another recurring dream about needing to grow. I knew a woman who always dreamed about being terrified to cross a bridge. In her waking life she was also afraid of bridges. But, in the case of her dream, she was actually afraid to reach a career goal. I have not spoken to her in many years, but know she is successful. I’m sure she has reached the other side of the bridge.

A common recurring dream among my clients is dreaming about an ex over and over. The dream may have variations but their ex is always there. This can represent a need to move on, forgive, or could represent other issues within themselves that needs to be resolved.  It might also mean that they will see their ex again. In some cases, the romance will have a second chance.

These types of dreams can be frustrating. It’s important to discover the meaning in order to grow and move on with your life. If you need help analyzing a dream, I am offering a special of $10.00 per dream for an email interpretation.   Offer expires upon the release of the next blog( expired). Sweet Dreams!


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