PTSD Dreams


Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) dreams happen to help the dreamer recover from a tragedy in their past.  This can happen to those who have experienced – war, abuse in childhood, rape, muggings, witnessing  a violent crime, natural disasters, or an abusive love relationship.  These are not fun types of dreams to have and often come in the form of nightmares.

A war veteran may dream about killing someone or getting shot. A victim of a crime could relive the event over and over in a dream.  Sometimes the memories have been so deeply repressed that the person consciously cannot recall it. It then comes out symbolically in dreams.  That is what happened to me in 1991. Because it was a very confusing time in my life, I asked God to send me a good therapist. God is so good, the therapist I had was perfect for me in many way.  Most importantly, she was very skilled in dream interpretation and taught me how to do it.

One of the symbols that came up in my dreams a lot was a mouse. Now a mouse can mean many things. It can cause fear in some people, they may need to find some courage, or in a cat’s dream – dinner.  In my case, it meant the person who hurt me in childhood was very sneaky about it. In an earlier blog post I wrote “Out of Horror Can Come Beauty”, this is what happened to me.  My PTSD dreams gave me freedom because I let go of hidden issues that had held me back in life. I also began my path of dream interpretation. And best of all, my psychic abilities (that I had also repressed) started to come out into my dreams. Of course, my abilities filtered into my waking life.

If you are having PTSD dreams, it is impossible to conquer these on your own. You need someone to talk to; I would highly recommend someone who specializes in it. Walking around with these types of issues is like wearing a five hundred pound backpack all the time. Get help in order to slowly lighten the load.

My next special is $10.00 per dream interpretation or $25.00 for three dream interpretations; this is done by “email.”  Offer expires upon the release of the next blog. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Expired.


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