Health Dreams

health dreams

We humans often ignore the signs that our body gives us when it comes to our health. They come through our subconscious when we are sleeping. This is another reason why we should listen to our dreams. I was lucky because for years I would get dreams that my moon time was coming. Hey, it helped me be prepared like a girl scout.

I had a client who had a dream that she was surrounded by plates of vegetables, so she started tasting different types of veggies. To me it was a no brainier that she needed to put more greens and other  vegetables into her diet. Another example is when I got a sample of herbal tea in the mail. A few mornings later right before I woke up, I heard in my head, “make the tea; it’s good for you.” You betcha, I made that tea first thing.

Here is my story of how dreams helped me with female problems that plagued me for years.  I’m one of those people that prefer to go the natural way for health. House would hate me! My doctor in New Jersey wanted me to get a hysterectomy, which I was totally against for many personal reasons. One night I had a nightmare about being treated by her and the feeling of being butchered. After that dream, among other things, I was totally against her treating me.

Fast forward a few years, I developed a persisted cough that would come and go. I did all kinds of natural treatments. My sister, bless her heart, was really on my case about going to a doctor. Intuitively I felt it was the wrong thing to do. One night I asked my guides if I should seek medical attention for my cough. That night I dreamed that I was in a doctor’s office sitting on an examination table and a doctor was shoving this metal tube down my throat. I was in absolute terror. After that dream there was no way I was going. Turns out my cough went away when I finally did get a partial hysterectomy, I kept my ovaries. Call me crazy but “Ms. Natural” wants to experience menopause.

Back in April I was in excruciating pain when my guides told me I would never have a painful period again. I thought they would perform a miracle and I get to keep my uterus.  I ended up in Carteret General Hospital. I still wanted to hold on to my female parts, until upon waking my guides told me to have the surgery. It was a much more pleasant experience than in Jersey, thanks to Southern hospitality. The dream I had right before I woke up after surgery confirmed that everything went well and I was OK. I dreamed that I was typing a letter to the editor raving about my surgeon, talk about confirmation!

Be in good health and always pay attention to the signs your body and dreams gives you!

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