Dreams Connect Us to the Other Side


My clients often ask me if a deceased loved one came to them in their dreams.  The majority of the times my guides say yes. In the dream time our energy vibration is at a higher level so it is much easier for those on the other side to make contact. These types of dreams occur a lot after a loved one has passed away, often a few days afterwards. It is their way of saying I am OK. My clients will say it felt so real, like they were really there. That is a huge sign that it was real. Sometimes our loved ones may appear younger, when they felt at their best.

Although I heard a ton of these types of dreams from my clients, I remember mine best. So I will give my own personal examples.  The following dream is an example of how we are warned of an upcoming death, this has happened to me twice with my Mom and my cat, Midnite (I wrote an article on that and will post it in a future blog).

Less than two weeks before Christmas 91, I dreamed that I was in bed sleeping on my side, when I felt a tug on my hair. I was terrified because that was at the height of my PTSD dreams.  I got the courage to turn over and look at who had pulled my hair. It was my Mother. No words were exchanged, only the most incredible, intense feeling of love I have ever felt in my waking and dream life. When I woke up, I thought that my mother had died. I received a phone call from my sister to see if I wanted to go visit Mom, of course I went. She died on Christmas Eve.

The day that Midnite died I dreamed of her. She made her cute little meow sound and rubbed up against my leg. I was so happy to see her because she had died and reached out to grab her. She rushed by me, jumped on the window ledge, and disappeared into the sky.

Nine months later I got the worst craving to get another cat. I know I’m such a “Crazy Cat Lady.” My friend, Virginia, commented, “How funny nine months later you want a cat, it’s almost like you are giving birth.”  I ended up with Merlin, aka “The Bruiser.”

A few months later, I had a dream that Midnite got down from a pedestal and Merlin climbed up on top. I intuitively got that Midnite would no longer visit me and it was Merlin’s time. Believe me he knows he is on the pedestal and acts like the Alpha of the family!

This dream happened in a time of my life that I was going through a lot of emotional pain. I was lying on a table surrounded by a bunch of spiritual beings that were healing me, especially in the heart area. It was very safe and felt so healing. After that dream my heart literally felt so much better!

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