Environmental Dreams


Environmental dreams are very funny to me because what is going on around you or within you is what the dream becomes.  For instance, in one dream I needed to urinate.  I went to one stall and there was someone in there.  Every stall I came to was filled, so frustrating.  It seemed like forever, but I finally found an empty one. There was no door! I didn’t feel comfortable going because there were men and women there.  Boy, did I have to pee when I woke up!  There have been many variations on that dream theme for me.

In another dream, I was working at Burger King soda fountain.  In reality that was my first job at age sixteen.  I was so thirsty that I ignored all the soda orders, kept filling my cup, and drinking soda. Gulp, gulp. Guess what I did upon awaking?

A roommate of mine once had a dream about being chased by a very loud piece of machinery. Upon awaking she discovered that a workman was using a jack hammer right in front of the house.

Once I dreamed that I was being watched; it was really creepy and woke me up.  Before I opened my eyes, I heard deep breathing. When I opened my eyes there was my cat, Merlin, staring at me. I wonder how many pet owners that has happened to?

All of the above dreams show that people are still aware at some level of what is going on in their environment while sleeping. Which is a good thing because it protects us and is the source for some very amusing dreams.

This is the last of the blogs for this particular dream series. But because I’m such an addict on the topics of dreams, there will be more. Mmmm, maybe I should do a blog on one of my strange dreams. Like the time ………




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