Pamela’s Pros and Cons on Pinterest

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“What is this strange pinning thing,” I thought to myself, when my niece first showed me it on her computer. I had learned to trust her judgment because after much persuasion, as a teen, she got me to read Harry Potter. I became addicted to Harry Potter and read all the books. Of course, I saw all the movies at the theater. Like I could wait for the DVD’s to come out?

Now I am hooked on Pinterest.  Just take a look at all the boards on my account   There are some boards for business, funnies, Eye Candy aka men, dogs, Goddess, etc. I have only four boards on cats – Merlin and Rhiannon (my two hoodlums), Funny Cats, Kool Kitty Cats, and Big Cats. Do you think I like cats? At this moment, I am on forty-two community boards and have politely turned down others. Yes, I am now officially addicted to Pinterest.

Pinterest is good for business owners, information, finding products, and even making friends. If you want to learn more, look at the four community boards I am following that focus on Pinterest.  A community board is where you can invite members to pin pictures on your board.  I have one community board on Pinterest  I learned a lot about the Pinterest community and myself from this board.

I thought a community board would be a great way of meeting and get a following on Pinterest, which it is.  But my experience with this board alerted me to problems of people misusing Pinterest. The idea I came up with is to have a board with pictures of humans, animals, and nature couples. I didn’t mind advertisements or quotes as long as there were couple pictures in it. This would be easy I thought, WRONG. I have had pictures of clothes, shoes, furniture, food, and more of people advertising their products. Maybe they thought that people would instantly buy their product, in reality it makes them look foolish and greedy.  I had people also put just quotes on, which I politely asked them not to do. Some people respected this, others didn’t. A few were instantly kicked off the board when they put on nudity. At first I took the time reaching out to people by email or messaging them on Facebook. Yup, I am too nice and really have better things to do with my time.  So I made up a cover of a couple with words, “Please pin only pictures of human and animal couples.” That helped only a little. I used to put people on the board who followed my community board. What I finally learned to do was instruct people that if they wanted to join, to put a comment in one of the pins. I figured if they can read instructions, they will understand what to pin. It worked!

My biggest peeve with the people on Pinterest is the ones who do not respect the rule that there is no nudity or pornography allowed. I wish someone would create a site called Porn Pinterest to solve this problem. The folks at Pinterest are doing the best they can to solve this problem; they even made secret boards (hidden from the general public) to help solve this problem. I have even seen people write adult content on their boards. People, it is not allowed! Young children and teens are on this site. One man wrote on his bio that there was nudity and adult content on his boards and don’t look if you did not like it. So I did not follow him. Even though I did not follow him, his pins came up on my timeline page. If I wanted to see female breast I would look in the mirror! I had no choice but to block him. I respect the fact that people like nudity and porn on certain sites. I ask these people to please respect that it is against the rules on Pinterest and do it elsewhere.

Ah, I feel better after my public rant. Nothing is perfect, but I do love the majority of Pinterest. Try it, you will like it. May I also interest you in the Harry Potter series?


3 comments on “Pamela’s Pros and Cons on Pinterest

  1. Hi Pamela

    It’s Andrea in NJ. Happy to hear you love Harry Potter, my sons and I loved it and have followed it from the beginning. Back to a reading, are you available. I’m truly struggling right now and in search of heavenly guidance. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a good evening.



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