Look What They Done To My Food, Ma!


I got the above image from a Facebook post that was credited to Anita Brown. It speaks the truth and is the reason that GMOs are banned around the world. I am truly sadden and frighten by the fact that there is a now a law that does not required GMOs to be labeled. But what concerns me is the lack of outrage in the majority of citizens in the United States. Why should I be surprised? Many Americans eat foods with hormones, antibiotics, dangerous sugar substitutes, and those huge words (they do not understand) that are chemical crap.
Lets educate people that eating cheap food will only bring huge medical bills in the future. Please sign and pass on http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/sign/obama_signs_monsanto_protection_act_time_to_label_gmos/
In the meantime, I will eat as much organic as possible. When I can not I will ask God and the Angels to bless and make my food healthy. My wish for you is to eat healthy, life giving foods!

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