Birdy Bird

Birdy Bird

When Midnite died in October of 2008, I was heart broken. I knew it would be unfair to adopt another cat because it would be a replacement to compare to Midnite. I thought about getting a guinea pig because I had one before, but that didn’t feel right. I went to Borders bookstore to do research on different types of animals and visited a couple of pet stores.

So two weeks after Midnite’s death I got a pet I never had before, a parakeet.  In the car I was trying to decide what to name the bird, when my guides said Birdy Bird. I know it is such a unique and mature name! But at the time it felt right. I used to call Midnite Baby Baby, and it had the same rhythm.

A day or two later I was grieving Midnite very badly, it became very apparent that Birdy Bird was a total rebound to make me feel better. Which of course it didn’t. I needed to go through the grief process. I thought to myself that maybe I would give the parakeet to my friend’s daughter because I knew she had one as a pet before and would know how to take care of it. I asked God that night to give me a message in a dream about what I should do with Birdy Bird.

That night in my dream there were hundreds of these funky, unusual looking blue birds on the ground. At one point they all took off into the sky and flew away. Except for one, who told me it wanted to stay with me. The next morning I had my answer and knew Birdy Bird was mine.

I intuitively knew not to let him out of his cage because there was a cat in my future. I know some people think that is cruel; but that is how he grew up and is used to it. He now is on top of a tall bookshelf so my two little hoodlums kitties cannot get him.

Birdy Bird is a joyful bird who loves music and singing. As my father said, “That bird sure has a pair of lungs on him.” He is famous on Psychic Gone Wild radio show for his singing. Yup, he is a ham and show off. On one show he was singing, and singing, and singing through out the entire show. My co-host Kelly was cracking up about it. The minute I got off the air he got quiet! Luckily, he doesn’t do that all the time.

I wish I could understand my parakeet’s language. But we do communicate. My boyfriend was a non-believer until one day when we were getting ready to go to lunch. The Beatles is one of Birdy Bird’s favorite bands, especially their earlier music. At the time “Mr. Nonstop Singer” was quiet, I said to him, “Birdy Bird, do you want me to put the Beatles on for you?” He did one quick tweet. The look on my BF’s face was priceless!

So who is your bird’s favorite band?

Catch Birdy Bird’s new radio show, The Love Channel Show, on Tuesday’s Night at 8pm ET.

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