The Bruiser

Sweet Bruiser

Nine months after Midnite passed away, I got the worse craving for another cat. A friend of mine offered me a kitten and I rushed over. By the time I got there, her husband had gotten attached to it. When I meet the kitten it just made my cravings worse.

A couple of weeks later, I went into PetSmart to check out the cats. At first none of them appealed to me. I went around the corner and I saw a ball of white fur in a cage. I asked the lady if I could hold the kitten. I held this bundle of fur. The kitten purred as I cradled him in both arms, then climbed up me, and proceeded to lick my face like a dog. He climbed back down to the original position, purred, climbed back up, and licked, licked, licked my face. Be still my heart, I fell in love with this kitten!

I felt it was a sign that the lady in charge of the adoption name was Judy, because that was my Mother’s name. I got the forms to fill out to be approved for adopting the kitten, Snowball. I went outside and looked over the forms. I needed a reference from a friend and a vet’s name, not a problem. Uh oh, I needed my landlady’s approval. I closed my eyes and spoke to my guide Merlin. I told him that I really wanted this kitten, that I would give it lots of love, and would name it after him. The rest is history, Snowball became Merlin.

Merlin was a very intelligent and hyper kitten. I nicknamed him “The Bruiser” because he destroyed many toys, a lampshade, shower curtain, and comforter. He plays very rough, has a bad temper, and has attacked me. That summer during the bare leg season, one of his scratch marks would heal on my legs, only to immediately replace with another.

The reason I didn’t murder Merlin or toss him out onto the road from a speeding car is, besides being so cute, he is so lovable. He would climb on me and plop himself down for lovey dovey time. Merlin loves to be held as I walk around and he touches objects. His favorite place to be held is the closet, he loves the closet. Check out this Pinterest board   Yes, at fourteen pounds he gives my arms quite a workout.

One of my friends calls him “Puppy Dog” because he is so friendly. If you enter my home, be prepared to not only pet him but to carry his Highness around. When there was a major leak in my place, he was very pleased because three workmen came to visit him. He was having a ball, whacking them on the head as they climbed up and down the spiral stairs!

Merlin’s proud Mommy could tell stories about him forever. What is really interesting is I had readings from three different psychics who didn’t know each other tell me the following:

  1. Merlin is very special and that his name suits him.
  2. He wanted to come back as a human in this lifetime.
  3. He is a freakish man.

When I was hosting the Spiritual Learning Connection, Coryelle Kramer, an Animal Communicator, was a guest on one of the radio shows. Merlin would not leave me alone and insisted that I hold him about ten minutes into the show. Coryelle knew he wanted to give me a message. He wanted me to meditate more with him. What was really interesting is when she told me that he practiced herbalogy and alchemy when he was human! My Merlin really is a wizard!

A special message from Merlin, “I got my eye on a five level condo at PetSmart, so take advantage of my Mommy’s eBook sale that ends this Sunday and it smells so yummy!”

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  1. Fascinating it was like reading a book I couldn’t put down. This one didn’t scare me

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