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In March of 2012 I started getting a craving for another cat. I also thought that it would be good for Merlin to have a companion. He was so needy at times, especially during my deadlines. Maybe it would calm Merlin, aka “The Bruiser,” down?

One of my sister’s employees at her pizzeria had found a cat who had just had kittens. I made arrangements to see them a few days later. Some of the kittens had been adopted out, so there was only one girl and the rest were boys. I intuitively knew that Merlin would do better with a girl because he would still be the alpha cat. But someone else was also interested in the girl kitten.

That night before sleeping, I was thinking what would I name a boy cat, nothing was really coming. Then I thought to myself “What would I name a girl cat?” A second later my guides played the Stevie Nicks song, “Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night and  wouldn’t you love to love her.”  That’s right, the Musical Psychic guides gave a message to her!

The next day I brought Birdy Bird to the vet because he is a lazy boy about trimming his beak. I have since learned how to do it myself. I mentioned to them that I was going to see some kittens so I could adopt one. They responded, we have cats. I checked out a couple. I really liked one male but knew Merlin would have issues with him. When I was waiting in the room for the vet, they brought in a seven- month-old, girl kitten. Ah! She looks just like Midnite. She stayed very still in my arms as she watched Birdy Bird. Birdy Bird seemed OK with it.

Her name was Aggie (not my cat!) and they even held her for a few weeks when I went to Switzerland. For more information  on that trip see my blog https://pamelaspsychicinsights.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/the-gift-of-switzerland/ .  When I landed in Charlotte, NC from Newark, I had to walk twenty miles to get to the terminal to my flight to Jacksonville, NC. OK, maybe it wasn’t twenty miles, but it was far! When I walked into the terminal area, I smiled as I heard, “Rhiannon rings like a bell….” Yuppers, Mamma was coming home to her baby.

Merlin was not a happy camper at first. He even gave me a loud meow when I told him that I got her for you. Luckily, the adjustment period happened quickly, although they still get jealous of one another. Merlin plays very rough but she can hold her own. Rhiannon even has given him some scratch marks on his face. I lost track of how many times I have been awoken when she runs to me for safety. One time while running for safety, she caught her claw up my nostril, owww! Occasionally they fight on the bed, which is not a fun way to wake up. And no I can’t close the door, my second floor is an open loft.

Rhiannon is my Ying and Merlin is my Yang. Rhiannon is a Southern girl, has black fur (two white spots), weighs seven pounds, and very gentle. Merlin is a Jersey Boy, all white, weighs fourteen pounds and is, well you know, “The Bruiser.”  Merlin has some human qualities and Rhiannon is all cat. The Lightweight will only let you hold her for a minute tops, The Heavyweight wants you to hold him for a minimum of five minutes. Merlin loves to pose for pictures, I had a tough time getting photos of her for this blog.

Rhiannon is so sweet and girly. She even plays gentle. She loves to sleep on my lap and puts her head on my hand. The princess is not happy that I have the audacity to move my hand when it falls asleep. Her Southern Girl sweetness can be so manipulative and controlling. Bless her heart!  To see more pictures of how Rhiannon and her partner in crime boss me around visit this link http://pinterest.com/revpamelac/pamela-s-posse/  

I promised my boyfriend that I would not get any more pets until I grow a third arm and hand. He, he, he, but he has two hands!  Mmmm, I wonder what they could be?

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2 comments on “Rhiannon

  1. I enjoyed cat talk. My Roux is sitting right behind me on the counter stool, close up against my butt while I read and type. Not getting another cat though.

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