Definition of a Psychic

Crystal Ball

I had planned to spend an hour or so reaching out to experts that I recently put on my Twitter relationship list. I noticed that some had not followed me back, which is really their loss because I was thinking of having them as guests for my radio program “The Love Channel Show.” There was a part of me that felt offended and it did not help when my guides told me, “It is because you are psychic.” Sometimes it does suck being psychic. I spent a few minutes on the pity pot and thought to myself, “Hey, I can make a blog out of this so people understand what being a psychic really is.” Okay, so maybe the non-followers will not read it. But whoever is meant to will.

Facts about psychics:

  • We are human beings just like other people, who feel, breathe, and deserve respect.
  • Psychics do not know everything, or have all the inside information to their life, and need to learn  their own lessons.
  • We are more in tuned with our intuition and psychic abilities than other people, although everyone has  the opportunity to increase these gifts. Yes, they are gifts!
  • Each psychic has their own way of receiving information; they can be strong or weak in seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, tasting, smelling, or channeling. One gift is not better than the other and the way they work their gifts is perfect for them.
  • There are good and bad psychics.
  • We are not evil! We are using the gifts that God gave us and the majority are Light Workers that are here to help people.
  • Tarot is just a tool for psychics to bypass their ego and get information in a different way. Although there are some people who just read cards and are not in touch with their psychic abilities.
  • We can not give custom order readings in the manner that you want or expect. Instead we are the messenger for the Angels and guides. There are times the psychic can interpret the information, does not understand it but you do, or it will have meaning in the future.  The information is always given for what is the highest good of the client at that moment.
  • Nobody is ever a hundred percent accurate. Anyone who tells you that may also ask for a couple hundred dollars to remove a dark cloud over your head! If that is the case, turn around and RUN!!
  • Psychics deserve to be paid for their skill, time, and hard work like any other professional.

Those are just nine qualities of a psychic but hopefully you get the picture of who I am. If you are curious about my abilities go to my website radio page and listen to a show. I also do phone and email readings. If you think you are psychic or want to fine-tune your abilities, I do psychic development coaching. Visit

Please follow me on twitter at @RevPamela  I will follow you back even if you are a psychic, lawyer, used car salesman, rapper,…..


By the way I have never used a crystal ball like the fantasy photo, so here is a real photo of a human psychic with what I call the Happy card! Yup, human with bra straps showing and cat hair on the left arm! 🙂

Another Happy Card




8 comments on “Definition of a Psychic

  1. What an interesting post. I’m intuitive, but I don’t consider myself psychic because I’m not developed enough to read for people. I simply get “gut feelings” and I act on them. So far as I know, I was born this way, yet I have had ignorant people regard me as if I were something evil, or perhaps a kook. We are what we are. Thanks for the post.

    • You are welcome, Gayle. Everyone has intuition, even those ignorant people. I am so happy that you act on those gut feelings! So many people ignore those feelings and regret it afterwards. So keep on a listening to your gut. 🙂

    • Hi Georgia, Maybe your email carrier doesn’t like WordPress? I have two email providers with two spam folders that I check daily, when I find something that is not spam I hit the button to put it in my regular folder. Try that or you could always read it when I post it on Facebook. Although, it is easy to miss in a post in FB. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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