Minimum Wages for Psychics

Cheap Rider Waite

I am amazed how many people think that psychic work is so easy and we do not work hard. Nothing is further from the truth. We have to raise our energy vibration to a higher level in order to make contact with our guides, Angels, and those who crossed to the other side. Psychics work in the moment, need to push their egos aside, and be a clear channel in order to receive accurate messages.  Add the fact that many of our clients are calling in an emotional, stressed, or desperate manner. All of the above can make psychic work very draining!

Many moons ago, I only had experience with doing readings for clients in person and very few phone readings. I decided to take my guide’s wisdom and come out of the psychic closet. I was terrified the first day on the adviser line that I would look foolish. Of course my Angels and guides were with me.  I quickly found out how unethical that line was to its clients and advisers. One example is the company did not allow customers to buy their minutes ahead of time. They demanded that their employees keep the callers on the phone line as long as possible, in order to rack up money on their customers credit cards. I refused to do that and quickly became popular. To make matters worse they paid their psychics twenty cents a minute (for calls received) and charged much more than that! I was so relieved that I found another position in less than a month.

Over the next three years, while maintaining and building a private practice, I worked for two companies that each had two online psychic sites. They were much more ethical, but still paid minimum wages for psychics. I was paid thirty-two cents to seventy-nine cents a minute while they charged way more – $2.99 and on up. I will not give the names of these companies or others like them. However, they usually give the first reading very inexpensively and offer money back grantees. These companies can afford to do this because they pay their advisers so little. A psychic may give a customer correct information that they do not want to accept and will ask for their money back. This goes against the adviser’s reviews and stops any bonuses that they could have earned that week.

Many of the clients were very kind and fun to read for. Others were rude, demanding, and needy. They behaved in ways that they would never do if I knew their real name or dealt with them in person. It was always an adventure being kind and polite to these customers! I have had people hang up on me or yell at me because of the information I gave them – don’t shoot the messenger! One lady was arguing with everything I told her, I finally said, “Ma’am, I will not argue with you, this is the messages I am receiving.” Yet another woman told me that I was not telling her what she wants to hear. I responded, “I will only tell you what I am receiving, not what you want to hear.” She did continue to call me because of my honestly.

Maybe I should write a book about my experiences on the Minimum Wage Psychic Lines. I finally got tired of the abuse and cheap pay, so I left those draining lines. And never looked back! I continued to work with Dyan Garris’s, Voice of the Angels, because she has always been very ethical, respectful, pays well, and is an awesome lady. In time I joined three other lines because they treat their advisers very well. Happy, content, and well paid psychics will give better readings.

So if you do not wait for an appointment for me, look at the bottom of my Readings by Phone link to see if I am available for an immediate reading.


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    • I thought the 6 of pentacles card from the Rider Waite deck would get the point across! Rider Waite is an old popular deck. Thank you for reading my blog and comments. By the way people if you love art
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