My Heart Belongs to Smashwords


When I started my journey to write my book, “Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships,” I thought that I would go with a traditional publisher. I even bought a book on writing a non-fiction book proposal and started to work on it. I got really stuck on writing sample chapters. “How in the world am I going to give an outline on something that I haven’t even written? I might as well write the chapter,” I thought to myself.

In a nonfiction Linkedin group someone mention Smashwords. I looked at their website and my gut knew this was the way to go. It was started because Mark Coker had trouble getting a publisher to pick up his book. He knew it was good and decided to do it himself and help other Indie authors. My, how it has grown!

I have nothing against Amazon or any other company that supports the Indie author. My books are there for the convenience of my readers. I have shopped at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. The analogy I use for Amazon is they are like Walmart, while Smashwords is your local grocery store.

Here are some reasons I Love Smashwords:

  • Smashwords pays me 85% of my eBook price! While others pay anywhere from 35% to 70%, which means more food for my kitties and me.
  • I was very impressed when I was exploring the self-publishing option that Mark Coker, the owner of Smashwords, responded to other people’s blogs and articles. Maybe I missed it, but I have never seen that from any of the CEOs of the other eBook companies.
  • They distribute and format eBooks to other outlets (with the exceptions of Amazon) if the author desires. I desire because I am only so techie.
  • They offer a ton of useful, how to information for the Indie author on their site.
  • I can send them an email and they get back to me very quickly.  Other companies I can’t even find a contact address.
  • At Smashwords I can generate a coupon to offer for everyone, a special event, or to a client. I can’t do that with other eBook distributors.
  • And the number one reason is I feel valued and important there.

So please visit my Smashwords author page and read my interview aka another perk. While you are there check out some of the authors I left reviews for. In fact investigate the whole site.

A message from Merlin aka The Bruiser and Rhiannon – We need more treats, so it would be PURRfect if you bought our human slave’s eBooks from Smashwords!


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