How to be Happy? The Second F is Fun


This is part two of How to be Happy? Use the Three F’s.

Life is like a rose, beautiful, sweet smelling, and at times those thorns can really hurt.  Fun helps make life worth living through the good and bad times. This may sound strange but there are some people that do not know how to have fun. Maybe, they constantly think negatively or are too serious. We can’t be serious all the time nor can we have fun constantly. There needs to be a balance.

How does fun help your love life?

Do you remember a time when you were around an unhappy person? Were they negative, critical, or boring? I bet after that encounter you were drained, and perhaps, feeling down. Were you in a hurry to see them again? Most likely, you were not.
People like being around a fun person because their positive energy makes them feel good! Fun people laugh a lot and laughter is contagious. These are the people that most of society wants to be around. Best of all, your mate or a potential love will find you much more attractive and irresistible.

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