The Key To A Happy Relationship – Be Friends


This is part three of How to be Happy? Use the Three F’s.

Friendship is the third F of love. If you want to have a long lasting love relationship it is important to have a strong foundation of friendship with your partner. My Angels and Guides constantly play an old song in my head (I am the Musical Psychic) for my clients regarding this. The song lyric I hear is, “Getting to know you.” Unfortunately, in today’s society many people do not take the time to get to know each other. Instead they often have sex too soon, feel guilty or mistake that for love, and become committed. Of course, there are cases where it does work out. But a large majority of relationships that start with having sex and committing too soon are unhappy and end up failing.

Please, get to know your prospective mate first. Because there is nothing worse than finding out that you really don’t like this person after being physically intimate with them. If your possible soul mate keeps pushing you before you are ready, than say goodbye because it is obvious they don’t respect this important boundary. Here is an excerpt from my book, Insights for Singles: Steps for Everlasting Love, regarding this point.

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The above photo is of my two hoodlums, Merlin and Rhiannon.





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