Could It Be That I Am In Love?

Cheetha Couple

Is this love fantasy, lust, or real? Read on to find out……

We are inundated each day on what falling in love is supposed to be like. Romance novels where the knight in shining armor, or the vampire saves the damsel in distress gives a false impression of what true love is. In the movies, couples dodge bullets, beat the bad guys up, and fall in love on a daily basis; a man and woman have a one night stand that turns into long, lasting marriage. If you really want to go overboard, watch a Disney movie!

Women especially buy into the fantasy relationship. Notice how I said fantasy? I love Anita Baker’s song, “Fairy Tale”. It gives ladies a reality check on what relationships really are. One of Anita’s song lyric says it all: “Reality steps into view.” If you are waiting for Prince Charming to ride up in his white Cadillac to turn your life around, you have a long wait. Instead, get behind the driver seat of a Pink Cadillac!

Here are some signs that you are in fantasy and/or lust land:

  • When we touch it is magical. Maybe you feel like this for today, but that is just Mother Nature getting you together to continue the human race. That feeling will not last forever.

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