When Will He ……

Love channel Belle







The following question is one that I get all the time from callers and readers. I felt that it would be a good question to highlight in this column.

Dear Pamela:

When is he going to call?

The Number One Question

Dear Ladies:

The actual answer varies with every woman. There are times when I am fortunate that my guides actually give me a time – today, tomorrow, in a week, or never. Time does not always come through clearly because our Angels and guides are not caught in time and space like we humans are. A person’s free will also affects the outcome. So, I am always pleased when I do get a response, like the time I told a caller at the beginning of the week that her love interest would call on the weekend. She then proceeded to ask me what day and time on the weekend. I got the same answer – he will call on the weekend. Even after I explained about time, she continued to ask me the same question two times, and I responded politely the same answer. Please note that psychic readings are not to be used for planning your social calendar! The Angels and guides have more vital information to relay to you.

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I also get other questions regarding when will he open up, when will he commit, or when will he change? You can discover the answers when you listen to this The Love Channel Show recording from January 8, 2014.

May you always take care of yourself!



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