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The following is a blog from Karen Palmer:

Lessons on Unconditional Love from a beautiful puppy named Annie

Life Lessons Learned from a pup named Annie

One day I was out walking one of the dogs I care for and met an older man named Gene with a beautiful 6 month old Yorkshire terrier named Annie. Annie had not been trained on a leash and she was tangling her lead around her owner.

He was such a nice man I really enjoyed talking with him. I gave him my card and told him I could help with training his puppy if he would like. He said he would talk to his wife about it and get back to me. His wife Diane called me back that afternoon and we met so I could assess how much training Annie would require.

When I arrived at the house, Annie was jumping, barking, and nipping. I explained that I train with the dog one on one first for the week to establish a loving leadership role. In the next week I begin to share my techniques with the owners. I brought Kaylee in to help Annie with her over excitement. I explained to Gene and Diane that Kaylee is my partner and she shows the puppies how to behave.

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