April’s The Love Channel Column

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Do you have questions about your love life? Do you have issues with a family member, friend, or coworker? Well, you’ve come to the right place to receive insightful and inspired help from one of the best Relationship Experts around! If you have a relationship question, my Angels and guides have the answer. Please email pamelabellespirit@gmail.com and I will answer some of your questions right here each month in our magazine. Question:

Dear Pamela:

I’m struggling to understand why my fiancée left. His name is Jack and I want him back. Please help me understand.  Jill

Dear Jill:

The first image I get is a vision of a past life where Jack was a pregnant woman in a long green and red dress. The woman is living alone in a cabin and has been abandoned to raise the child on her own. You were the man who got her pregnant in this lifetime. The last glimpse of that life I see is her (Jack) in labor all alone.

My guides are saying karma. Now I am hearing the song lyric, “Standing on shaky ground.” I feel this is meant for both of you. Obviously, this has torn up the foundation you have laid (my guides words) and you are feeling off balanced. For Jack, it means that he not in touch with who he is.

With Jack, I am seeing him as a shaker filled with much more pepper than salt. What I get intuitively is that Jack has a lot to clean up and the pepper stands for dirty unresolved issues. Again, I heard the song lyric, “Standing on shaky ground.”

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