You Got Booked as a Guest on a Radio Show, Now What?

now live I love being a radio show host. I host The Love Channel Show every Tuesday at 8pm ET. It is a great way for guests to educate the listeners and get their messages out to the world. I had some wonderful guests who will be invited again and again. Yet others have been wonderful teachers of what not to do as a guest. I take those lessons to use on my own radio show and for radio shows that I am a guest on.

Here are some tips I would like to pass on:

  • Send your short bio, photo, and questions ASAP to the host. This makes their job easier and saves them time by not having to research around for your information, pictures, or edit long bios.

  • It helps the host if you send five or more questions related to the radio show’s topic. The host still needs to do research on you and come up with other questions. But having some questions helps the host with this.

  • Listeners are there to learn about the topic not what you are selling. Of course, you will be letting them know about your business. But listeners will get bored when it is all about promoting yourself. Instead, impress them with your knowledge of the topic so they will want to do business with you.

  • If you cannot make the radio show, let the host know immediately! This gives them time to plan the next radio show. Here are some examples, one guest failed to respond to my numerous confirmation requests. Another time, a company representative responded to my confirmation by apologizing for one of the owners having an emergency, without offering someone else to come on the radio show. Yet, another guest notified me as soon as she got warnings of an unexpected storm heading her way. She apologized but didn’t want to take the chance of being on air in case there was a power outage and sent another apology the next day. Guess which one was invited back to my radio show? The last one of course!

  • This one is a real pet peeve of mine. When you are a guest, please market the radio show you are going on to. For Tweeps on Twitter – tweet it before, during, and after going on air. If you have a Facebook account and business page post it at least once. And send it out to your mailing list. Hosts of radio shows are doing a lot of marketing for you. This should benefit both parties, not just you. My radio shows that were marketed through both sides got more live and archives listens. Plus it is good karma.

  • Guest should be polite and not criticize the host. Yes, it has happened.

  • This is a reminder that you are the guest of a radio show, it is not your show. Please do not take over the radio show.

  • When you come on the radio show expect to be open and talk about yourself, the topic, your services, or book. It is very difficult hosting a radio show when getting a response from a guest is like pulling a crocodile’s teeth. One time I asked an author a question regarding her book. Her response was they should go out and buy the book! This author needs to read number three of this blog. This would have been the perfect time to give some juicy tidbits to entice the audience so they would buy her book.

  • Have fun and be yourself! Unless it is a very serious topic. At all times be as positive as you can and enjoy your time on the radio show.

Hmm, giggle, I wonder if I will ever have another guest after writing that! I am sure many radio show hosts will thank me. I am always looking for guests who specialize in healing, personal growth, self-help, spirituality, relationships, and of course love. Please email me at and I will get in touch with you if it feels like a match. If it is not a match, there are always plenty of opportunities elsewhere, and I hope my input helps you be a dream guest for any host!  


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