God, Angels, and our guides often communicate to us with signs. Are you listening and seeing the signs? We, humans, often miss them. How do we miss them? People get caught up in daily living and they may dismiss signs as coincidence or not meaning anything.
Signs come in many forms. For instance, you may hear the Beatles song, “We can work it out,” over and over at different locations or on a variety of radio stations when having a relationship issue. Butterflies keeps flying around you during a time when you are wondering if you should make a change in your life because they are symbolic for transformation. Or you see feathers everywhere, which are letting you know the Angels are protecting you.
I would like to share two of my experiences. About fifteen years ago, I had written a check and mailed it out of state. One of my client’s check bounced and I didn’t have enough in the bank to cover the check I had just sent. I worried about it as I was driving, so I prayed, and turned it over to God. A half of mile or so I saw an advertisement sign that said, “Got you covered.” Yes, my sign from God came in the form of a sign! I got unexpected clients and my check was covered. The client whose check bounced eventually did reimburse me.
The second experience also happened many years ago. I was living in a house in Boonton, NJ that was being renovated so it could be sold. It was not a fun way to live and I really wanted to move. One night I went to a lecture and on my way stop to let a pedestrian cross the road on Main Street, Boonton, right by the Top of the Park Pizzeria. I thought to myself, it must be hard living here and crossing this busy street because drivers rarely stop for them. So I prayed for the people who lived there.
One week later I needed to return books to the Boonton library. I was not looking forward to it because it is nearly impossible to find a parking spot at six pm on a weeknight. To my amazement there were three empty spots! When I opened the door to the library, a sign on the bulletin board jumped at me, someone was looking for a roommate in Boonton. I called up and the apartment was located close to the Top of the Park Pizzeria. Yup, it turned out I had prayed for myself!
My former landlord was so relieved when I gave my notice because he was working up the courage to tell me I had to move out. He asked where I was moving to and I told him that it was right by the Top of the Park Pizzeria. He laughed and said, “You’ll never believe where I’m at!” That’s right, he was having lunch there! If you’re ever in Boonton, NJ they do have good food.
My sister and girlfriends were concerned because my roommate was a male stranger. But I intuitively felt it would be alright, and besides; look at all the signs I had gotten. Of course, it turned out fine because we felt like brother and sister to each other.
If you need help understanding the signs, you can apply for membership at the Intuitive Love Journey or get individual coaching with me.

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