Rats in the Dreamtime!


July’s column has gone to the rats! Just kidding, it is all about symbolism and rats will be the example of how one symbol can mean so many things. I’m sure everyone gets tired of me saying, “You are the best interpreter of your dreams.” But it is the truth. The secret language of dreams is fascinating because it is so illogical and can never be fully understood. Which makes it so much fun to this dream interpreter! That is why I never give a client or reader one answer. For one thing, it could be more than one answer. And another reason is when I give several options of what it could mean, the person’s gut will trigger which is the right one. They usually will respond, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.” The following dream is a perfect example and I want to thank the dreamer for sending it in.

Dream – I dreamed rats were running thru my hair.  That can’t be a good thing. Yuck!!!!


It is obvious that you do not like rats and neither do I. The good thing was they were not biting you! I don’t have much to go on, but will give you a bunch of interpretations. Read more at Bellesprit Magazine

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