The Love Channel ~ August

Love channel Belle

Wanted: Spiritual Man for a Spiritual Woman

Dear Pamela:
I am a massage therapist and very spiritual. I would like to have a relationships with a spiritual man who has similar beliefs as me to make life easier. But, it seems like all the men interested in me are religious, business men, or geeks which is so frustrating! Will I ever find a spiritual man?
Spiritual Healer
Dear Spiritual Healer:
Thank you so much for asking that question! I have been talking about doing a blog on this topic for a long time. So, I will channel the information for you and the rest of the column will be dedicated to the blog I have been procrastinating on.
I see a tall man with no shirt on, he has a cross around his neck with a cigarette in his mouth, but his hands are up and I see different colors of healing energy coming out. He is a little bit of……..
Read the rest at Bellespirt

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