Ewww, Bugs


The world of bugs for the most part creeps me out, yet certain bugs have fascinated me. I can still remember at the age of five being memorized as I watched an ant tribe at work. Lightening bugs are what started me on crafting jewelry. I used to pull their lights off and make rings and bracelets out of them!
My Father almost had a heart attack when I let out a blood cudgeling scream. He ran into the bathroom. I pointed into the tub and said, “Spider.” I don’t remember the details of my dream when I was nine or ten, what I do remember is dreaming about bugs in a negative way. Imagine my relief when I woke up and remembered that it was wintertime. I never wanted summer to come.
In the mid to late 80’s, I had my own apartment in Parsippany, New Jersey that had an infestation of water ants. My place had an exterminator over a couple of times. It was wintertime, I had no control over the heat, and it was always very hot in my place. So hot that I always got dressed for work five to ten minutes before I left so I wouldn’t sweat in my work clothes. My clothes needed ironing and I turned on the iron about fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I got ready to iron my clothes and all these ants came pouring out of the iron. The water inside the iron was getting hot and they didn’t want to get boiled alive. Needless to say, I freaked, went to work in wrinkly clothes, and my former landlord got a phone call!
Four years ago this Jersey Girl moved to Morehead City, North Carolina. I was driving around wondering what all this stuff on my windshield was. It dawned on me that what was all over my windshield was bug’s guts, yuck! One summer the mosquitos were so bad that they were biting my ankles in the car when my foot was on the gas petal. And the cats need flea treatment all year round. Gotta love Eastern Carolina.
The other wonderful, gross bugs in Eastern Carolina are water bugs aka Cucarachas. It doesn’t matter how clean mine or anyone’s house is, we still got them. My kitty, Merlin, liked to flip them over, and spin them around. He, he, he, good kitty! They usually were downstairs but one night Merlin chased one upstairs. After a while Merlin got tired of playing with the bug and left it on the floor a few feet by my bed. I told Merlin to, “Get the buggie.” He gave me a kitty yawn, turned his head, and refused to save me from the bug.
I knew there was no way I could read, let alone sleep later, knowing this gross bug was in my room. It could crawl on me while I was asleep. So, I grabbed my Charka spray that has a bunch of different essential oils in it. I sprayed that sucker good. The Cucaracha was walking funny but not dead. So I grabbed a bottle of “Sweet Pea” spray and doused him good. He was very weak, I grabbed a half a roll of toilet paper, scooped him up, and flushed the disgusting bug down the toilet. OK, I felt guilty about torturing the poor thing afterwards. It would have been more humane to kill the water bug quickly. But I did suffer because my room stank from the Charka oil and “Sweet Pea,” gag!
Got any bug stories to share?

4 comments on “Ewww, Bugs

  1. I love bugs and insects. I didn’t used to. I think I am embracing my insect nature. I talk to flies and spiders, we have house spiders I consider pets LOL and I can talk for a long time to bees. I rescued a spider once from water, I saw this lovely huge spider in my bathroom and I was bathing my face and I whistled at it (don’t ask!) and unfortunately it caused it to fall in the water. It was drowning. I picked it out of the water, it was not moving at all. I took it up stairs in my hand and blew on it. Still no movement, this spider was dead. So after it dried I continued to gently blow on it and then did some intense Reiki on it. After around 15 minutes it came back to life. I was overjoyed.

    • Good for you Kelly. 🙂 Maybe someday I will be at that place. But I do have three rules for bugs.
      1. If a bug is crawling on me, it will be flung off of me at its own peril.
      2. I will warn a few bugs that they need to get out of my home or I will kill them. They always disappear.
      3. On the rare occasion when there is a bug invasion in my home – there will be causalities!

      • I hear you, a lot of people feel this way. I used to but after practising some shamanism and finding some deeper connections with the bug kingdom I realise how much love energy comes from them once we go beyond the stereotypes and biases we get from society about them. I have one bug I am yet to make peace with yet and that is a cockroach, but give me time.

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