FREE Gifts & Win a Reading

Lightworker's GiveawayGift Box

We are delighted to invite you to the Lightworkers Giveaway! You will find free gifts worth hundreds of dollars to help you with your personal growth and spirituality. Unlike other joint venture giveaways it is totally devoted to the Lightworker inside of you. It was purposely kept small to respect your limited time and to avoid you getting lost shifting through a ton of gifts.
These gifts will help you communicate with animals, make friends with your money, learn techniques to heal yourself, bring joy into your life, have happy relationships, bring out your psychic abilities, and much more. The Lighterworkers who are a part of this giveaway want to supportp you on your life’s path.
To make this giveaway even sweeter, you can enter in a contest where two lucky people will win a half hour reading from one of the event hosts, Heather Woodward and Pamela Cummins.
The Lightworkers Giveaway goes for 11 Master number days – September 18 – 28th 2014
Come and get your free gifts! Please visit




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