December 2014 – In the Dream Time


This month’s dream demonstrates how dreams can have several different styles to it. Environmental dreams happen when something happens before bedtime or while we’re sleeping. In solution dreams our denial or lack of time to deal with things in our waking hours comes out in our dreams. This style of dream will always reveal our true self and feelings regarding a circumstance. Prophetic dreams show the possibility of or written in stone future. Read on to see all these dream styles in this lady’s dream.


Following an argument with my wife regarding her unambitious adult daughter, whom she defends, I had a very vivid dream. In it, I had had enough and was trying to leave. Every time I tried, they tried to have me institutionalized. I finally broke away and found myself outside desperately trying to collect playing cards that were scattering around and fluttering away from me. The cards depicted two nude women on them, which I assume from tarot means the lovers, as we are lesbians. Please help!!! Read the answer in Bellesprit Magazine



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