The Animal Kingdom in the DreamTime


Our February column has two dreams that both have creatures from the animal kingdom. Mother Nature’s children often come in dreams to give us messages we need to hear. This also occurs in our waking life. These two dreams will help you to discover the wisdom of nature.


I had a dream a few days back – I was closing my garage door and there was a white/silver/light colored pigeon in there and it seemed like I needed to let the pigeon out, but it so happened that the garage door closed before and I had the pigeon in – and then I woke up – what would this dream mean?


I am intuitively getting that the pigeon is symbolizing love, peace, spirituality, and getting ready to take flight. When I looked up the meaning of pigeon, it also meant family and lessons of the home.

The garage is ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


4 comments on “The Animal Kingdom in the DreamTime

  1. Beautiful dream. Animal tokens are powerful symbols in our dream and waking lives. I often see a butterfly whenever I need to be reminded of the simple and splendid beauty of the world. AnikaPsychic.

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