Your Horoscopes Are Ready!



Week of 3/23/15 Horoscopes
By Pamela Cummins
Method – Musical Messages & Tarot of the Moon Goddess
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Capricorn ~ December 22 – January 20
We are the champions ~ Queen
 It is important to know that you are a winner! Have an attitude of I can do it and it will happen. Exciting things are coming to you!
 Aquarius ~ January 21 – February 19
 Rock me gently, rock me slow, I have never been loved like this before ~ Andy Kim
If you tendency is go thru life quickly, aggressively, and/or total goal focus – it is time to slow down. I get a vision of a person walking thru a field and smelling flowers. Slow down and savor the moment.
 Pisces ~ February 20 – March 20
 Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow ~ Baretta’s theme song
This week keep focused on what you are doing. Pay attentions to the signs and messages that yours Angels and Guides are giving you. You can schedule your day dreams and meditation at the end of the day.
 Aries ~ March 21 – April 20
 Keep on trucking, got to keep on trucking ~ Eddie Kendricks
Look at your close relationships to see which ones you need to moved forward in. and which relatioships you need to keep on trucking by. Please use compassionate actions in all your relationships.
 Taurus ~ April 21 – May 21
Hallelujah, Hallelujah ~ Leonard Cohen
Keep the Divine close in your heart! Trust that you are being taking care of and are loved by God, Goddess, and the Angels. Say Hallelujah to all the blessing in your life!
 Gemini ~ May 22 – June 21
 I’ll spread my wings ~ Kelly Clarkson
The time has come to clear away your fear and negativity. Ask your Divine Spiritual Tribe to help with this because it is time for you to take off!
 Cancer ~ June 22 – July 22
 Say what you mean to say ~ John Mayer
It is time to speak up and/or make the boundary with a certain person. Don’t blurt it out. Take the time and write (type) it out and practice saying it out loud. Think before you speak!
 Leo ~ July 23 – August 22
 What’s going on? ~ Marvin Gaye & There is a season turn, turn… ~ The Bryds
Patience and hard work is worth the effort to manifest your dreams and goals. If you are wondering why it isn’t happening NOW, the reason is it is not time yet. Good things come to those who wait!
Virgo ~ August 23 – September 22
 You got a friend ~ Carole King & You got to have friends ~ Bette Midler
This week spends some time with friends. Take a time out during the day and call a friend. Go out and make a new friend. Allow yourself to have fun!
Libra ~ September 24 – October 24
 Celebrate good times, come on ~ Kool and the Gang & Feelings, whoa, whoa, whoa, Feelings ~ Morris Albert
 Process and let go of negative feelings. Enjoy life! Know that you are secure. Trust God to take care of you and enjoy today!
 Scorpio ~ October 24 – November 22
 Shake it up baby, twist and shout ~ The Beatles & Time for a cool change ~ Little River Band
 Have you been thinking of making some changes? It is time to take action! If you wait too long the Universe will shake up your foundation and force change upon you.
 Sagittarius ~ November 23 – December 21
 Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga, I can’t stop this feeling ~ Blue Swede
 Are you confused about love? Is there someone who is causing you confusion? Stay in the moment, prayer, meditate, and let it go. Your answers will come to you within a couple of days or weeks!

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