Red Flags vs Intuition in Dating


Red Flags vs Intuition in Dating

Do you pay attention to the red flags on a first date? How about the red flags when you are dating someone? Red flags are warnings that this person is not right for you! If you choose to ignore them and proceed with the relationship, you are accepting more heartache into your life. For a happier life – pay attention to the red flags.

Are you still confused by what I mean by red flags? Here are examples of obvious red flags:

  • They get totally wasted on the first date and almost every time you go out with them. A potential mate, who doesn’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol, will be able to spend time with you sober. However, if you are constantly drunk and/or high – they are perfect for you.
  • If your date talks about their ex for the majority of the conversations, they are not over their last relationship. You would be their rebound and a rebound relationship rarely last.

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