Self-Growth Measured By Magnets

IMG_0735I bet you are thinking to yourself, “What is this woman talking about? How in the world can you gauge your self-growth by magnets?” Let me explain, I love magnets the way most women love shoes. I started to collect magnets in my thirties and boy have they expanded beyond what you see in the picture.

In the nineties, I was dating a man who took me on his business trip to Atlantic, Georgia. On one of his days off, I wanted to either go to the Coca-Cola factory or the zoo. He chose the latter. At the gift store I bought a lion magnet and stuffed tiger. He thought those were the strangest things to buy and made remarks about it. It became very apparent during and after this trip that we were not right for each other. What was this crazy cat lady thinking of dating a man who was allergic to cats!

One of the biggest accelerator in self-growth is for people who are self-employed as healers, psychics, authors, coaches, etc. Sure, we need to learn what we specialize in, business skills, marketing, and paperwork. Those lessons seem simple compared to the lesson of self-confidence to charge what you are worth, when people want either freebies or lower prices. The self-employed also need to make boundaries with their time, what they are willing to do for their clients, subcontractors, and/or colleagues, and not to put up with unacceptable behavior.

The most important lesson for those in business for themselves is TRUST! Trust that the clients will come. Trust this is the right business to be in. Trust that the business will grow. And the scariest is trust that the bills will be met. This was a huge lesson for me. So what does that have to do with magnets? When I lived in New Jersey (in a very expensive county) the majority of my homes were with roommates. One of the things I would have to share besides the inside of the refrigerator was the outside. That’s right, often my roommates had their own magnets they wanted to put on the outside. How I disliked that, especially if they had magnets that I thought were ugly! I also couldn’t place them the way I wanted with my limited space. One man, who I went out on a couple of dates with, thought I was being ridiculous. That was the first red flag.

My last place in New Jersey had a very tiny fridge. I was able to put some of my magnets on the fridge, but not all of them because it was so small. In fact, the whole place was tiny. One man (who we kind of dated, but nothing ever amounted of it) asked, “Do you really need all those magnets?” I went through a lot of challenges during that time and he wasn’t very supportive. I ended up moving South to my sister’s home in North Carolina.

At the same time I was working with clients and as a subcontractor for psychic lines. The majority of the clients weren’t ready to make the changes for themselves, which would ripple more positive changes in their lives and all their relationships. It occurred to me that I was attracting these clients and I needed to do the work to make the changes I wanted in my life. Because I wasn’t happy with the way my business was going.

I moved into my own place. The majority of my refrigerator was covered in magnets! I continued to work on my first book and my business. I met a very nice man that understood how magnets symbolized my freedom from roommates and my personal growth. When we walk into a store that sells magnets, he will tease me by saying, “No.” But either stays or goes to another part of the store as I make my magnet choices.

Fast forward to today. I have more magnets, some I bought. Other magnets were given to me by family and friends. They are now on the top part of my fridge, the side of the refrigerator, and the beginning of a collection of “Cat Only” magnets on my file cabinet.

My magnet collection represents my life today. I have created (with the help of God, my Angels, and Guides) an awesome life! I live with my life mate in a comfortable house. I have written three books and am starting another one. The majority of my clients are willing to work on themselves to make the positive changes in their lives. Even the ones who weren’t before, are now taking baby steps. Today, I am a better businesswoman. Most important of all – I am happy with my business, life, and the direction it is going.

Is there room for growth in my business and personal life – absolutely! Or I wouldn’t be on the planet Earth. Instead, I would be eating Bon-Bon’s with my higher power in Heaven.

What about you? What is your personal symbol that measures your personal growth? Are you happy with your life? Are you willing to do the work and make the changes to make your life even more awesome?

I hope by sharing my personal story, it will inspire you to manifest your dream life! It all begins by taking the first step……

cuffThis article was published in the April 2014 Off The Cuff


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