In the Dream Time


It is interesting that in this month’s column at the beginning of spring, a dreamer sent in a dream about giving birth to a baby. Could she really be giving birth? Or is a symbolism like spring of new beginnings? Perhaps it is both? Read on to find out.


I dreamed I had a baby boy with lots of beautiful black hair, he was smiling at me and very happy. I was overjoyed with happiness. I was talking about how long and beautiful his hair was and how I was going to style it.

There were other girls in the same room that had given birth.  We were told to go to this other room to pick a husband. In the dream that didn’t seem odd, but when I woke up and I had given it some thought, it was very peculiar. I studied all the males and determined I didn’t need a husband or a male figure to help me care for my baby, we were fine on our own.

After thinking about this dream, I was wondering how I had this baby without a man. I also think this has something to do with my independence and not having a man in life for a long duration.  What is your interpretation?

Read the interpretation in Bellesprit Magazine



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