The Love Channel ~ April 2015

Love channel Belle







Dear Pamela,

I am travelling to Altea in Spain at Easter and, for some time, I have felt that my daughter and I will be meeting a significant love interest each. Do you see this too? Also, I feel a relocation to that area may happen.  I would value your insight on this please.

Mom and Daughter

Dear Mom and Daughter:

I’m hearing the song by 10CC, “The things we do for love.”  And I hear Steve Miller sing, “Look through the window, tell me what do you see?” and getting a vision of a big glass window that has a road with houses. What that means is make sure you want to really move because there is love in your own back yard. I see lots of men lined up at your door with tickets in their hand. I hear an announcer say, “We have a winner!” I see a man holding up a golden ticket, jumping up in down with excitement. He is now at your door on one knee while the other leg is bent, you are standing, and he grabs your hand and kisses it. With that, I am hearing Mr. Rogers sing, “Who are the people in your neighborhood.”

Your daughter is another story! Read more in Bellesprit Magazine


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