Why Pivotshare Got My Video Business


I have been talking to my partner about doing video tutorials for a couple of years. When I finally started it, I’m sure I drove him crazy during the process! Whew, it is a lot of work: planning the video, filming the video, creating images, at times creating audio for the slide show, and editing the video. My computer tech honey taught me some techniques and I learned a few things on my own.

I thought I was going to go with one video platform (not saying which one) because it is well known, high up in Google pages, and has traffic from other video authors. They also let you do it your way. I even used their name in a couple videos, which I later edited. I sent them an email about a month ago and never got a reply, “Strange,” I thought. I uploaded my two minutes and twenty-four second Welcome video. I kept checking for the video to finish uploading. The next morning it still wasn’t done. I sent an email to the technical department. Two days later I got disgusted and investigated other platforms.

What I liked about Pivotshare is that they don’t charge a monthly fee; the other platform did for the plan I wanted. Their video channels are very professional looking, they accept a wide variety of video formats (not the other platform), and they pay the same seventy percentage as the other. Their tutorials are a lot easier to follow. Everyone has their own channel to avoid competition, and you can always make the channel into dot.com in the future. It seemed like a good fit.

I sent them an email asking five questions about their service. They got back to me two hours later with answers to all five questions! I signed up immediately and started creating my channel. I received a welcome email a few hours later from one of the managers. He asked me how I planned on marketing it and later sent me a marketing guide. I love their customer service.

The next day, I had loaded two videos very quickly and was awaiting for the third one to finish. I decided to check my email. Lo and behold, there was an email from the other platform! It took four days for them to answer my email. What is really unbelievable is that the reply said it can take up to twenty four hours for a video to load! That was confirmation that I had made the right choice.

There are three video tutorials and a Welcome video on my channel. Please check the channel often because more are coming to expand the video library. One tutorial is free! Click to go to Pamela Cummins Channel and let me know what you think.



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