The Love Channel: Answers to Your Relationship Questions

Love channel Belle

 Hi Pamela:

I have some relationship questions for you. What do you see for my boyfriend and me at this point in our relationship? Do you see us in this for the long run? Do you see us together in the future or see what feelings he has for us at this point?


Dear Stella:

The energy I am getting on your relationship questions is it feels short yet long. I hope this makes sense. I heard two songs to validate this: “We’ve only just begun,” and “It’s been such a long time.” Now I heard – past life, which means you have been together before.

You must be very audible because I am hearing a lot already. I heard jealousy and Billy Joel’s song, “Honesty it’s such a lonely word and mostly what I need from you.” This is coming up in the reading because these issues need to be worked on. If it is not addressed ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


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