Honesty in Relationships

couple-307287_640When I went for my walk today, I was thinking what I could write for my June’s Off the Cuff article. My guides played Billy Joel’s song lyric – Honesty is such a lonely word and mostly what I need from you. So honesty it is. Here is Merrian-Webster definition of honesty in their dictionary – the quality of being fair and truthful, the quality of being honest, fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, and adherence to the facts.

The first person you need to be honest with is yourself. Are you thinking that is a no brainer? I agree, but we lie to ourselves all the time. We lie about what we want to do with our lives, that something doesn’t matter to us, or we don’t need love. We also are not always honest with others. How often did you avoid being truthful to avoid hurting someone’s feelings and tell a little white lie? Who really wants to tell someone their butt does look big in those pants!

Two of the most important things to be honest with for yourself about, is ~ Read the rest at Off the Cuff e-zine


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